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Part 4 

Consciously learning multidimensionally is a lot of work and can be extremely challenging, as well as dropping the programmed response of linear learning. Linear learning focuses your abilities so narrowly that you lose your conscious knowing of all that you do, and all that you can do. This does not discount the research and books that others have compiled, but merely focuses on enhancing what you are already doing naturally.

Every single experience is multidimensional and thus multilayered.

How deep do you want to explore?

How do you want to spend your time?

Where do you want to focus?

Where does the soul-personality need to focus for growth and awareness?

What will distract you from your chosen path of exploration?

Are you willing to allow your Oversoul to help guide you into the answers to these questions?

Or are you determined to find your own way by yourself without help from your Oversoul and God-Mind?

Or, do you hear the guidance, but decide to do it your way, anyway?

As a reflection of your own multidimensional, multilayered self, the outer world has no choice but to reflect this back to you. Understanding this means understanding your own inner nonphysical world. Choose wisely in awareness how to accomplish this, making your way through the distractions into completion of the soul-personality’s multidimensional and multilayered goals for this lifeline and beyond.

The End.