Over the past month I’ve noticed that my life is increasingly filled with men. Mainly family, but also friends, neighbours and strangers I see when I go out. I was initially frustrated with this as I long to have balance in my life and connect with women as well. I’m working diligently to make that happen. Understanding metaphysics the way I do I’m able to see the true reason for this and I’m keen to resolve it.

I observe people’s responses and the other day the family gathered at Dad’s. My nephew was sad and when I discovered why I took him to apply some lavender. Once it was done he gave me the loveliest smile and ran back to play with his sister. Of course he left a trail of lavender through the house and I noticed that the men began making faces of distress. I ignored their dramatics and within moments they were back in the conversation.

This had me wondering about why some people react to essential oils the way they do and why the essential oil industry is dominated by women. Did you know that of the seven Founding Executives of dōTERRA, six are men?

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some men who are open to trying the oils and some who embrace them with a passion similar to my own. Yet, there are also many men who still see essential oils as ‘girly’.

Is it the scent?

I’m pleased that my nephew is going to grow up with a pleasant memory of what lavender did for him. Do you understand what I wrote there?

I’ve found that many people react to the scent and stop right there. This means they’re more likely to miss out on experiencing what the oil is doing to benefit them.

I completely understand encountering a scent that you simply do not like. I was like that with patchouli, but a particular blend I use got me through that, to my surprise.

There are some oils that share chemical profiles and properties to such a degree that in some cases the oil you don’t like can be replaced with another. Yet there are other oils that are so unique within themselves there is no alternative.

I’ve previously written in another post about whether to use oils you dislike or not, so I won’t repeat that here.

I’ve had men contact me asking about scents for males. That’s an open ended question. It comes down to the scents that YOU like. Though, I am aware that the more earthy, woody scents are considered good for men. Everyone’s different though and that’s how I respond to each person.

My experience with dōTERRA essential oils is nothing like I’ve encountered before. They take me on a journey within and I gain much information about them as well as myself. There’s no other word to describe what happens except it’s a form of communication and that skill is deepening with greater understanding the more I do Self work.

Due to this awareness, I find my response to Whisper rather unusual because it seems to be completely driven by scent. I’m going to make time to explore this blend to discover its depths.

A few months ago I met a young woman who knew exactly which oils she liked and which ones she didn’t. I showed her how to hold the oil at a distance and gradually bring it in closer, moving it back and forth to spread it’s aroma and to stop the moment she could detect it. She did this and when she observed it’s scent she found she liked it. When she brought it close she didn’t.

This is why I say ‘less is best’.

Many people use too much oil and it’s over powering, no wonder people don’t like it!

dōTERRA essential oils are pure and potent! If you read my latest food post on FB, I put one drop of vetiver essential oil in my double choc brownie slice and it’s strong! Yes, vetiver is known to be strong, it would have been better if I’d used a toothpick in the bottle and swirled that through the slice. I like to experiment though.

What I do find interesting is that many men tend to wear strong fragrance. When I was first diagnosed with chemical sensitivity I became obsessed with researching chemicals and I discovered that the chemicals in fragrance are the most toxic. It doesn’t end there. In men’s fragrance they use greater levels of chemicals. What message is that sending?

Do you like strong scents? Why? Why not?

Do you prefer the scent or the properties?

Have you stopped to observe the properties? Share your experiences please.

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Do you use essential oils? Why? Why not?

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