What a day! When I went to bed last night I had a feeling something big was going to happen today and well, I had no idea it would be a day of deep release.

I tweaked my Essential Oil formula last night and that has shaken things up. These oils work on a cellular level and one of the side effects is the release of cellular memory. Not everyone understands this or would recognise it and that’s ok!

This morning I awoke with a particular memory in my mind which gave me much to do before I’d even risen out of bed! This set the tone and I kept on releasing. Before I knew it I was crying and couldn’t stop. I don’t like crying. Dad was surprisingly jolly, maybe to balance my feelings and I’ve been grateful that he left me to my tears.

I was wondering why I was feeling sad, when I explored a little deeper and realised that I was actually grieving. I didn’t like what I was grieving about, as though I have a choice in the matter. After all, emotions are illogical and when we stop to explore them, they actually tell us a lot about our Selves.

It’s natural to grieve when letting go of the past, regardless of what that is, when something changes, even when something new is coming. I have a glimpse of a new horizon and we know how fast the sun can rise. There’s much to do to prepare the way and today was a good start.

Owning up to the truth of my emotions has not been not easy. I have to let go of shame, embarrassment, judgement, criticism, beating Self up, wanting to control what I do and don’t grieve for etc. Once I let these go, I discovered how liberating truth can be, and how suppression and fear can be damaging.

By early afternoon I was having enough of the tears and wanted some support. I turned to my oils, but which ones?

Easy Air/Breathe was suggested and probably because when people tear up they tend to become congested. On that note, DigestZen might be a good one too.

It didn’t do much for me, but AromaTouch was catching my eye. Not sure why, but I took the lid off and inhaled. It went right down my centre clearing the way, right into my pelvis! Yep, but I wanted something a bit more nurturing. Comforting Blend came to mind, but what’s it’s name?! Ahh… Console.. yes, that sounded good. I took the cap off and inhaled and before I knew it I was rolling the Touch Roll On right down my centre from solar plexus to pelvic bone and lay down on my bed.

It sank in and highlighted tension I didn’t realise was there, but did so in a way I knew it was a result of suppression. How could I be suppressing when I’d been crying all day? I relaxed into it and gradually those tensions were released and I was feeling cosy and secure as though wrapped in a snug blanket. This is the first time I’ve used this oil for grief and that enabled me to experience it in an entirely new way. I’m quite amazed by how flexible and sensitive these oils are.

Have you been letting go of anything lately?

Do you allow yourself to grieve when letting go?

Do you allow yourself to cry?

Have you looked at your feelings and asked what’s underneath?

Have you ever looked at the feelings that hold you back?

Are you able to move past those feelings?

Are you able to nurture and support yourSelf?

What do you do to nurture and support Self?




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