Much has been on my mind this morning, in particular the reply I received to my post yesterday. Last year when everything was booked and confirmed for my trip to Nevis and beyond it seemed that life was in a hurry to get me prepared for that trip mentally/emotionally. I had never encountered such intensive release work. That was until I actually went on the trip. Release work increased exponentially with each passing week.

With the sudden lull yesterday, which had me delving within and wondering why life was on hold again, everything is back in action today. Within minutes of being up this morning Dad got confused and blamed it on me. I saw that he stopped short of accusing me of lying, but it was that awareness that triggered me into anger. I had a few minutes to get myself balanced and to think of my reply, if indeed one was necessary.

I was grateful for the trigger as I’d been feeling free of anger lately and wondered if there was more within. LOL!! Of course there was and I found it this morning. As a young child I lied frequently. I can look back and see that I thought I was protecting mySelf. I cannot lie as it’s written all over my face and when I turned 12 and was beginning high school, I decided there was no point in trying to lie anymore.

I’ve been tracing this throughout my life because I want to understand why I get so angry about people either lying to me or when I’m accused of lying. When the accusation is true I do accept that. The deeper I look at myself the more I see how I haven’t been as honest with mySelf as I had thought. What I’ve discovered is that fear covers truth and within that truth I’m discovering how deep the lies go.

How do you respond to being lied to?

Or being accused of lying?

How far do you go to protect yourself from truth?

What happens when you get angry?

Are you to control your response?

Can you feel gratitude when you’re angry?

What does honesty mean to you?

Is it appropriate to be honest all the time?

Can lies be acceptable?

What do you do to gain balance and control of yourSelf?




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