When we meet a new potential partner we often experience an overwhelming inner excitement that’s warm, joyful and overflowing. This is what people refer to as love and it waxes and wanes.

What happens when we meet someone we like is we see all of their positive attributes and that draws us in closer. After time we begin to see attributes that we don’t like and classify those as negative. The more we get to know them the more negatives we often see.

The positives that drew you in the first place are those things that you like about yourSelf. That’s why we get along with other people, because we find we have things in common and that makes us want to spend more time with them.

As you know, no one is consistent with their emotions and we exhibit a range of personality traits even over the course of one day. Once you start encountering those attributes within another that you don’t like, that’s because they’re the aspects within you that you don’t like. Honestly, do you truly like everything about yourself? Those things that we don’t like are often suppressed, but just look around and you’ll see them being reflected back at you.

When I first moved back with my parents my world was turned upside down. I’d never encountered such fear and that’s just the start of it. It’s now Dad and I and neither of us find it easy to live with the other. Things are becoming smoother and I can honestly say that’s a result of all the digging I do within. Dad is aware that he’s had to compromise and change and he likes to tell me how much he loathes change and I’m the reason he’s had to. This doesn’t bother me as it hasn’t been easy for me either.

He is very self centred and doesn’t consider anyone else’s feelings. I notice this, but it no longer bothers me as much. I find him a rather remarkable, frightened man who is capable of much more than he wants to admit to.

One thing that I’ve had to adjust to is the lack of love and affection from the ‘man in my life’, in this case, parental love and affection. Dad doesn’t like affection and frankly, to be hugged by him is just awkward and uncomfortable.

So, I was pondering all of this today and I pushed up to OverSoul, silver, into GodMind, gold and I asked to feel what love is. Wow.. it came pouring down to fill me up. Very different to feeling love for another, this is love within for Self and feels more balanced and whole.

Give it a go and tell me what you feel!


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