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Memorial day is supposed to be for remembering the people who died while serving in the armed forces.  We are always told that soldiers are “good” and brave, honorable heroes.  I think most people stop there but Janet’s blogs lately have me thinking a lot about right and wrong.  Why are we judging good or bad versus what is most beneficial for the souls?

If you dare to say anything about the military you are ostracized quickly and labeled, even if you have first hand experience from inside the machine!  Like Chelsea Manning for example who was just released on May 17, 2017.  An Army Ranger told me that they had been able to listen in on mobile devices for a very long time before the public knew it was possible.  They were not allowed to speak about these things to civilians.

I’ve met many veterans from all branches in my life and now there are many that I see weekly that need therapy for the rest of their lives.  Not all of them are proud of what they did and not all of them would say they are “good”.  Some had good intentions and others were just drunk, womanizers who avoided combat through training in officer schools.  Others volunteered just to avoid a longer service by draft selection.

Some had no other way to get higher education or no family and friends.  Others, thought it would be fun like in the video games and some even just wanted military training to bring home to their gang members.  Many are now homeless, forgotten and disgraced by their own government.  Others are given medals but what good is it when you are gone.  Why is secrecy and killing an honor if it is for your country but not elsewhere?

I see war now as just a family feud between Illuminati families and all of the players in it are just their pawns.  In the movie Hacksaw Ridge men are killed faster than they can receive reinforcements and never had a chance at all during WW2.  I see the sacrifice but how is this so heroic?  The main character refused to carry a gun and instead rescued 75 wounded as a medic.  He even saved the officer who tried to imprison him for refusing to carry a weapon.

So, who are the “good” guys and who are the “bad” ones?  I don’t think this holiday means much to some people other than a day off and sales at Walmart.  I have been reflecting a lot on war and what it will take to change it so that it stops happening on this planet.  As for now, I don’t think it is a matter of if WW3 will happen but when.