October in Michigan in October is BEAUTIFUL! Sunny in the day & a hint of crispness in the air in the evening.Only 4 short weeks to go & Stewart will be introducing our 11th Annual Fall Conference with an evening of current events, segueing in to the Weekends subject matter.



Get your travel arrangements finalized NOW.

October a 10 month – New Beginnings in a 6 year – New Ideas & Vision and the End of a series of cycles.

Come join us as we boldly step forward into the future!

What is the Kuiper Belt and what does it have to do with you?

Stewart, Janet, and their Oversoul Mastermind Group have been privately researching this gathering of alien beings on the outer rim of the Milky Way Galaxy for the past 2 years.
In doing so, the information that they have compiled has positively and exponentially changed their lives…and now this information is going to change yours.
An outgrowth of this research includes:
•    New protection techniques
•    New manifestation techniques
•    New inner communication techniques
•    New All-That-Is exploration techniques
•    New Archetypes and MORE.
This is the first time this information is being made public.
You are invited to join this Elite Group of Dedicated Hyperspace/Oversoul in enlivening discussions that will bring you to your next pinnacle of awareness of your place on this Planet and within the Multiverse.
ONLY plan on attending if you are willing to face all aspects of your Self; if you are willing to look at the dark as well as the light and understand it all as a part of the Totality of the God-Mind.

Price: $494 – BUY NOW.
Members Discounts apply
Bring a friend & you come for 1/2 Price!

Payment Plans available
Contact: Patricia
Email:  expansionsclientservices@gmail.com
Phone:  269-519-8036
Skype:  eventsatexpansions
*International callers, please make an appointment to call or skype

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