Well, it’s been a volatile few weeks here in Michigan. We had a moderate quake in May, followed by a series of heavy storms with tornadoes and floods. Then we had a small quake at the Michigan-Indiana-Ohio border. Then, a few days ago we had an odd aurora borealis which should not be happening in June. Well, today we had another earthquake! The third in 2 months:


When the first quake hit in May, they said that they did not know if there was a fault line in the area. Now, they said the quakes all occurred along the same fault line ( the one that they said did not exist last month) and in fact today’s quake was an aftershock of the big one in May ( even though it was not in the same location).

Something very odd is happening in Michigan! It was exactly one year ago tonight that the derecho storm hit us and caused such horrible damage. Well, I guess I’d rather have another earthquake than another one of those horrendous storms!

I think an ancient Great Lakes vortex is opening up. It’s an exciting place to live, for sure. Wonder what will happen next!




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