I have known many people with cancer in my life and it seems that everyone knows at least one person who has had it; most people fear it.   Most people that beat it have it come back more severely later on and now people are turning to alternatives like CBD (Cannabidiol) instead of chemotherapy.

In my work I see how the medical system has a way of keeping people in it once they get started.  Some people are always worried about what will happen next.  Rarely, do I ever see people who get treated and get out clean and healthy.  I pondered to myself and Oversoul one day if anybody ever get’s treated for cancer that does not actually have it just for the monetary gain of others.

Recently, I watched a show about American greed that shows people who use their power/influence etc. to get large amounts of wealth no matter what the cost to other people. One of the most disturbing people I saw was Dr. Farid T. Fata. He was a doctor of Oncology from Lebanon who practiced in Michigan.  He was caught treating people for cancer that did not have it.  He told people they would die without him and continued to bill insurances large amounts for unnecessary treatments.  He watched a purple heart awarded WW2 Veteran die from his treatment without any remorse.  He told him he was cured and then later walked away from him on his deathbed while he lay helpless.

I have felt mistreated at hospitals and worked in them seeing how others are treated. There is often some malpractice of some sort.  My mother had a medical person give her an extreme amount of iron supplements for anemia.  This caused her colon to clog and tear and required emergency surgery. The surgeon told me that too much iron and not enough vitamin C will clog your intestines and weaken the lining.

Your gut health is very reflective of your brain health so this is why it is so important to take care of it.  The blood vessels in my mothers brain became weak as well and then she had a flu shot (which causes brain inflammation).  A few days after that a brain aneurysms burst.  Usually, these never burst in a lifetime but how much pressure can a weak pipe take with extreme pressures before a leak is sprung wide open?

I feel like it all could have been avoided  and all started with being mistreated.  Perhaps we are mistreated by doctors and others as a reflection of mistreating ourselves.  Always, get a second opinion and if you know a mother today treat them right!

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