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In this fascinating interview the most renowned survivor of the infamous Montauk mind control experiments in the 1970s and 80s, gives us his personal account of his intriguing life. Stewart Swerdlow then takes us on a journey into the secret history of the illuminati, reveals their true agenda and exposes just who or what they really are. The reptilian races and their agenda, the 13 bloodline families of the illuminati, mass mind control programs, alternative histories, finally a spiritual perspective on the fight between good and evil and the existence of the Godmind. Its all here….

Jonas: Tell me about yourself, your childhood and your past experiences. You have had quite an interesting life.

Stewart: Yes I’m afraid we would need several weeks of filming in order to get that information, but I will go as briefly as possible. I have to go back to my family history. My great uncle Yakov Swerdlov was first president of the Soviet Union. He was in fact the one who ordered the assassination of the Tsar in Jekaterinburg in the Ural mountains and because of that they changed the name of Jekaterinburg to Sverdlovsk. And of course now since the so called fall of communism they changed back to Jekaterinburg. So my family was very involved in Soviet politics and even economics. He was also a room-mate of Stalin before the communist takeover. My grandmother was a soviet spy in world war 2 and my grandfather was sent to the United States to help form the communist party back in the 1920s and to encourage workers to come back to the Soviet union to work in paradise, which as we know was not such a paradise after all. Anyway because of our backround my family in the United States was monitored very closely by the government to this very day. In fact my father was taken in 1950s to work in secret underground areas in the western part of Texas. After a period of time when I was born we were followed by secret service for a couple of years. So my history in my early life was one of secret information, was one of being really apart from American society and not being accepted as citizens like everyone else but actually being a foreign element in the United States. So because of that as a child I was used as government service in what is now become known as the Montauk project. But of course that didn’t start until 1970s. But even when I was a younger child I had alien abduction experiences, all of that, which at the time I felt was some kind of strange event. I have known since my time at Montauk that much of that was actually government which masquerades as aliens so that you have a masked memory of the incidents, when in fact you were taken by the government for mind control purposes. So in the 1970s I moved to long island New York with maybe an hour and half from the air force bases at the end of long island. I was used extensively from 1970 until 1983 in mind control experiments and in other physical genetic manipulations. So for 29 years I was physically blind. They rewired the way my optic nerve perceived reality so that all I could see was energy fields. So when I looked at a person I’d see the colours emanating from their body and chakra systems. I also see the mind pattern that emanates from the thought processes that has another version of colour, tone and archetype. That was one of the main works that I did there. To understand what these things meant, how to use them, how to create from them. These things were also used for time travel, inter-dimensional work, genetic manipulation, even esoteric weaponry through the astral levels of existence. So it was quite a comprehensive time that I had there. I was an adult when it ended and I never felt part of the society. I was always outside of society. Especially afterwards when I could not function the way other people function. I could not see physical objects the way another normal person could see them. I would know they were there but I would only see the energy of them. When I looked at a person I could see the outline of the body, I could see the organs, I could see what you were thinking, I could see your history and I could see your ancestry You can´t talk about that stuff with anybody.. So it was difficult for me and I basically stayed very cloistered. I didn’t go out much I was almost afraid to go out in the world. When Montauk project ended in 1983 and many people would know how that ended if they read the Montauk books it was like being unplugged suddenly and not knowing what to do afterwards. I had been told subsequently that less that 1 percent of all the people who were involved in that project over those 13 years actually survived and of that less than one percent who survived very few could function in a normal way. I was an anomaly to them so therefore I was studied even after the project ended.

Jonas: So you have a special background which was the reason why you got involved in it. But how In general did people get recruited to the Montauk project project or other mind control projects which are rumoured to go on under different names,projects etc. ? Were people just randomly picked, was it based on family background, DNA or such?

Stewart: That is also a very interesting question, how the people were chosen, again I must go back a little bit into history. Because also what many people do not understand is that the Soviet Union back in 1920s was the first to work in mind control experimentation on it´s general population. Of course they could choose anyone they wished and they choose populations that were a little bit isolated. Where they were not easily observed. For example they would pick small towns in Siberia. They would pick countries like Finland and Estonia. countries that were kind of isolated with not big populations and they would bombard them with mind control work. Then the Germans came into it in the late 30s and the 1940s and that was one of the main reasons they were so interested in occupying the Soviet Union and attacking other countries that had mind control centres like Odessa, Ukraine, Sophia and Bulgaria. These were all mind control centres that the Germans wanted. Of course, one of the reasons they had the concentration camps was to experiment on the population. When the war ended and of course in my opinion it did not really end it just changed form, Those Nazi and even Soviet scientists were brought to the United Kingdom, were brought to Canada, the United States and they continued their process and their work. Of course in those countries it was more difficult to operate in isolated areas without being observed. So they created these underground areas like Montauk project. Initially they would use people they considered to be expendable or not noticed. Like alcoholics they would find in the city streets, or orphans that got lost in the system, foster children that got lost in the system; people they considered not to be needed and that they if they perished no one would miss them.But as the experiments continued they were using more and more people and so they used the children of military officers, government scientists, even politicians. Then it grew to genetic necessities because they discovered from the Nazi scientists that certain characteristics of lighter hair, lighter eyes had an enzyme in the genetics that allowed for mind control to be imprinted more easily. so they specifically looked for those kind of people and they realized that children were the best to be used because they were easily traumatized and the trauma can create fracturing of the mind pattern and that would enable more programming. So one of the reasons I was chosen was because of my genetics. When I was younger I had blonde reddish hair and light coloured eyes, so I was used for that reason. And because my father and his family were used in the Soviet Union, I was an easy choice at the time.

Jonas: To backtrack a bit you said your uncle Yakov Swerdlov was actually behind the removal of the tsar.Are you aware of any connections that your great uncle and family might have had with the bankers such as Jacob Schiff who according to many credible sources were actually funding the Bolshevik revolution?

Stewart: I wish that we had a connection to the banking establishment but I don’t have that. But Yakov had and in my opinion he was set up by Stalin, because he was the roommate of Stalin right before world war 2, or actually world war 1. In fact I found a few years ago in a book store a diary that was written by Stalin with additions and entries by my great uncle and they kind of plotted things together to overthrow the government at the time. You know Stalin felt that he was also not part of the main community because he was a not Russian really but from Georgia and my great uncle also came from Novgorod which is a Viking city. You know the Vikings invaded Russia more than once. They were called the Rus from what is now the Swedish Norwegian border, that’s were my family originated and entered into Russia in the 980s originally and Novgorod was formed by them. Even in the Kremlin there is a room were all this information is listed saying the Soviet elite or the Russian Romanov elite were of this decent. So in that respect my family is connected to the Viking Russian merger if you will. So you know he was used to unify for whatever reasons he had no problems ordering executions especially of the royal family. Interestingly enough just last week I was in St. Petersburg and there I visited the tombs in a church of the Romanov’s and recently they found the remains of what they took as Anastasia and Alexis and the ones who were supposedly missing and they actually found them and they put them in that church in St. Petersburg. So there is a new resurgence of that information about Yakow Swerdlow and the Romanov’s. Personally I consider many of those people at that time period as set up, even Adolf Hitler was set up by the Rothschild family. He didn’t even know who controlled him until it was too late. So all these people were set up to create conditions where illuminati could then take control, then once that happens the ones that they use are eliminated so they cannot say what has happened. I believe that’s what happened to my Uncle Yakov, you know they claim that he died of pneumonia but my father says he was shot to death. We will never know the truth but I feel that he probably was murdered after he had accomplished what they needed him to do.

Jonas: So now the term “illuminati” cropped up.

Stewart: Yes. Well about the illuminati you know my book ‘Blue blood true blood’ I detail this as much as I possibly can. These are basically 13 families that control and still control the earth, resources, finances etc. How they developed is a very long story. They originated in the Caucasus Mountains in what is known now as Russia They were known as the khazars. The Khazars were actually descendents of Sumerians who became Babylonians to Mesopotamians and eventually became the Khazars. Very little was known about the Khazars. Their empire extended from Mongolia to Europe and in fact in western school Khazars are not even mentioned. I don’t know if people even knew what they were but recently I believe it was in the early part of 2009 or the end of 2008, Russian archaeologists and geologists found the capital of the Kazar empire allegedly called Ltil. They are just studying it now but it´s interesting that now they found it and basically confirmed every thing I wrote about in the blue blood book. They found the historical evidence of what I wrote about. So as the the Khazars spread across Asia and Europe, some of them moved into northern India, were they pushed the dravidians south and took control of the northern part of India and others moved into the Middle East and others moved into Europe. In Europe they mixed with the remnants of the descendants of the magdalenian lineage in the south of France and that blending to make a long story short became the Merovingian’s who then extrapolated their holdings and mixed with other Khazar families to form 13 main families which to this day then control much of the earths resources.

Jonas: And they have been called by various names. For example Dwight Eisenhower called them the military-industrial complex.

Stewart: The main two families now are the Windsor’s and the Rothschild’s. Rothschild’s are based in Germany and France and the Windsor’s in UK, but the Windsor’s are originally German anyway. When you go back in history far enough, you will find a common family group. They all intermarry now; it is very rare to find anyone pure. In the illuminati there is a lot of intermarriage. But you find that the Romanov family is now resurging and wants to take control of the illuminati empire. I always use the analogy of a major corporation. A major corporation with many people on the board of directors, yes, but there is only one chairman. They work for the same company and everyone wants to be the chairman. So they have all these families on the board of directors on the illuminati company. But “the Pindar” or the head of the illuminati is the Rothschild family. They have been in charge for almost 800 years, the same family. So now other families want the chance to take control themselves but they are not successful.

Jonas: I am under the assumption that the Rothschild’s came into the picture in the 18thcentury. They grew amazingly rich with their banking enterprise and many people view that as the birth of the modern illuminati. Adam Weishaumpt´s Bavarian illuminati was after all connected and actually funded by the Rothschild’s at least according to several researchers. So the illuminati agenda is the Rothschild agenda?

Stewart: But you know even though as you mentioned modern illuminati were emerging at that time, they had really been around for thousands of years. You really have to go back to Sumerian empire, that’s really the birth of the illuminati right there.

Jonas: So it really goes much deeper.

Stewart: Yes it’s just that there are no records of that that can be traced, they don’t go back so far. But if you look at the genetics and you look at the ancestry of the illuminati it goes back to the Sumerians.

Jonas: You are also famous for promoting the idea that the illuminati are actually not human but some kind reptilian beings with the ability to shape-shift into a human form.

Stewart: Yes and you know I have to say that all human beings on earth now are at least a percentage reptilian, everyone is. The original human being is not on this planet anymore, due to the interbreeding of the reptilians with the humans which occurred. That’s really what the story of Adam and Eve was about. In the bible where it says let us make man in our own image. Who is ‘us’? If God is one why does the bible refer to him in all categories as plural? Every ancient Hebrew word referring to God is in plural at all times. So it’s obviously referring more to a group and the story as I higlight in my work is about the genetic creation of human beings based on reptilian genetics and human or mammalian genetics emerging them together; however using the reptilian androgynous body as the basis and then adding the mammalian genetics to it. This is why when you observe a human baby, a foetus in the womb gestating for several weeks, in the beginning it is an androgynous reptilian looking being. Only later on when the mammalian genetics kick in that’s when human characteristics kick in. So in effect we are inherently and basically reptilian with an added human overlay on top of that. So that is all of us. As far as the illuminati are concerned they have a much higher percentage of reptilian genetics and then we get to the point were there is a 50/50 split in some of the people which enables them to shift between body types. Depending on the mind pattern which is controlling the body, it will determine the genetic appearance of that person. So for example if you have a body that has a 50/50 split in human and reptilian genetics but with a reptilian mind pattern the body genetics will refer to a reptilian form. Now of course if you are a leader or a master of a group of people and you have a reptilian form it might not be socially unacceptable. So they perform rituals to ingest human hormones or energies that then make their genetics go back to the human form. It puts more percentage of human energy over the reptilian so that forms the human but they can shift between. There are not that many that can change shape even among the illuminati. But the bigger leaders are the ones who can do this

Jonas: So when you go down the pyramid, there must be alot of people who are not actually even aware of the “reptilian phenomenon?”

Stewart: It is on a need a know basis even among the illuminati. The thing that people misunderstand about them is they think that if someone is illuminati that means they are billionaires who control everything but this is not necessarily so. All those families have members in all layers of society. You can have a janitor in a school with Rothschild as the last name. You can have a taxi driver with the last name Windsor. It does not mean if you are illuminati that you are in control. They must have representatives and sponsors if you will, in every layer and sector of society and that is how they control so well.

Jonas: Another question came to my mind about these mind control projects. How aware would you say for example the Finnish government would be that this is happening?

Stewart: At this point in time every government knows what’s going on and you cannot get to a position of Prime minister or a president in any country without knowing that because those people are basically put or placed in power. There really are no such things as elections anymore. There is an appearance or facade of an election but the choice is made long before the elections. People are placed in a position and didn’t earn it for the most part.


Jonas: Not elected but selected

Stewart: I always say its better to the press the lever on your toilet bowl than on your election machine. At least when you press your toilet bowl you know that the garbage is going away.

Jonas: It is hard to believe, these normal politicians being something more sinister than dumb sheep following orders.

Stewart: People like to believe that because they can’t understand the concept of mindcontol or programming but no prime minister or president in any country gets to that position without knowing what’s going on. And if they do not follow what they are supposed to do, as we have seen with Olaf palme and JFK. We have seen it so many times all over the world, they did not do what their agenda was and so they were eliminated

Jonas: Why these reptilians are so nasty?

Stewart: Interesting that you use this term ‘nasty’ because from their perspective they are doing the right thing. You have to understand when you look at a species, or even look at a nationality or a race. You must look from their mind pattern perspective. To them you are nasty. Do you understand? The reptilian mind set is that human beings especially on the earth plane are unstable, they have to constantly change in order to adapt to different circumstances, they are unreliable, and they are not able to take care of themselves. You know I looked at that because there was a time when I thought that reptilians were horrible and nasty people and yes they do very dramatic and hostile things, yes I agree. But from their perspective they are doing what they consider to be the work of Godmind. Do you understand? So they are accomplishing it in the way that is necessary. You know it’s funny because a couple of years ago I was contacted by some KGB agents and I said to them you know it’s the Soviet union and its my own family involved in this, I said it was a harsh place. They said no when we left the Soviet it was wonderful, we had a nice apartment, we had work, we had education and we went on vacations. Now it’s hard and now it’s difficult, she said. We were taught that in the United States it was horrible. You see it’s a matter of perspective. It’s from the point of view of the participants. They say that the winner writes history and so the actual story maybe is suppressed because it’s been overlaid with something else. So these reptilians have a mindset of accomplishing the goal no matter what it takes. For example again I use the story of KGB and Stalin. I said how horrible Stalin was, killed tens of millions of people. All these things. I was told yes he did these things but that was the only way to get Russia and the Soviet Union into power because the people were so scattered and involved in different things it took totalitarianism to pull them together and accomplish this goal and they said without it there would not be Russia today. So they used the means that accomplished the goals no matter what it takes. Personally I don’t agree with that. I think it should be more benevolent with care for everybody, but in some cases if you look at history it was only through aggression, totalitarianism and restriction that things were accomplished so again it is a matter of perspective. I look at it this way, if there was no government in the United States or Western Europe what would the people do? Would they fight with one another? Would they take care of one another? What would happen? I also look at the fact that if you take reptiles and you put them in one place together, they don’t help each other get out of that place. They kill each other until there is only one left. So my opinion is as far as species are concerned it is the survival of the fittest no matter what the species are. Reptilian, mammalian.Whatever- there is so much selfishness and aggression for personal gain. So I cannot say reptilians are nasty when I see what the Nazis had done, what Polpot had done in Cambodia, what human beings have done to their own people so again it is a matter of perspective and goal.

Jonas: They view themselves as a more superior and more advanced, therefore it is natural to them?

Stewart: They look at themselves as such. They are androgynous and unchanging. If you look at the reptilian genetics they stay stable for millions of years. So from their perspective being androgynous is the same as being like God because once you get out of the physical body there’s no more male and female there is just energy, and they are already this in physical bodies. So they consider mammalians to be inferior that need to split to male and female. As I mentioned earlier mammalian genetics are constantly adapting to change and evolve whereas reptilian genetics stay the same. From their mind pattern only perfection stays the same all the time. Only imperfection has to change. So they consider themselves superior and need to change the universe to accommodate that. That’s their perspective.

Jonas: Considering what we have just discussed now the situation on this planet is not that pleasant. What would you suggest that people should do to solve this mess?

Stewart: That is what my work is about. To take control of your own mind. Human beings use less than 10 percent of their brain capacity and less than 3 percent of their genetic capacity. That’s quite amazing, meaning that 97 percent of anyone’s DNA is not being used and 90 percent of their mind is not being used. Imagine what you can do if you could open up even a percentage of that. So my statement to everybody is work on yourself, open your own mind. Don’t allow others to control you because if you don’t take care of yourself then they will control you. That’s what the goal here is. So that´s what our work is about. Understanding the mind pattern, deprogramming the mind, fixing the body properly so you become the embodiment and manifestation of the Godmind within you. That’s what everyone should be doing and if we did that we would move out of the victimisation mind pattern, then the illuminati will not have control. We are allowing them to control us. People have told me personally that they are very happy to be programmed because then they never have to make any decisions. It just comes to them what they have to do through their programming and they are okay with that. Nobody wants to think they are given their thoughts.

Jonas: I suppose the illuminati are very talented at doing that?

Stewart: Yes they are brilliant; the Draco Empire has been doing this for millions of years. When you see children or even adults now what do you see? They are always on computer games. No one is paying attention to what is going on in the world, no one is paying attention to their own lives or to their own families. They are just into texting, telephoning, games and that. This is the complete removal of thought, the complete removal of focusing on your own life and that´s what needs to be corrected.

Sahaj: Could you say something more about the background information you have on the reptilians. In your books it´s quite detailed. How did you get all this information?

Stewart: You know I spent 13 years in the Montauk project and during that time we were told that the work that we were doing there was for the benefit of the whole humankind. Because as I mentioned earlier they considered that human beings could not take care of themselves and would destroy the earth, that’s what they said. We were told that by helping to control them and to program them we were actually saving them and would be helping our civilisation. and we were shown the history of where human beings derived and who their masters were and how they were able to accomplish civilisation because of the mind control and the programming. We were taught about lemuria, about Atlantis, about the merogvinians and the derivations of all of those cultures and we were also shown the influx or the input of the alien civilisations to the earth, which upgraded mankind and helped them to achieve many of the things that we now have today. But as I went through my own deprogramming experiences over many, many years certain things did not make sense to me and certain things seemed to be contrived. This is why I go all over the earth and look at into local locations to get the history and information from both locations. My goal now is to get it altogether into these vast volumes of ‘Truth History’ so that we can see the origins of mankind and civilisation in the true unadulterated form. And believe me I go places you wouldn’t want to go, not nice places but sometimes that’s were the information is.

Sahaj: Could you give us an example?

Stewart: For example, into areas of Cambodia which are very dangerous. Mindenow, the southern island in the Philippines, very reptilian energies there. I wrote about it in blue blood, my experiences with the green crystals from lemuria, it was very fascinating. Just recently I went to Bolivia and I was given permission by the government of Bolivia to go to the site of Tikunaku near Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian border to find the information of what was buried underneath there. I was contacted by one of the archaeologists who was working on the project there from Bolivia as well as one from Mexico. I was told that 27 years ago they had found a chamber that was filled with mechanical equipment that was 15,000 years old which they knew to be lemurian and on a slab in this room they found a Cyclops, three meters long in a suspended animation. When I went to Bolivia my job was to help to find the entrance, because when it was found 27 years ago there was a dictatorship and when they reported this find the entrance was bulldozed and the wreckers removed. So my job with my abilities, was to find the entrance and the tunnels and so I went there with the archaeologists and I did find the entrance and supposedly but I cant guarantee it, they are going to open the entrance now with the help of the new government who as you know is extremely anti western especially anti United States. So it was quite an interesting time that I had there.

Sahaj: Could your experiences be described as “subtle” or physical?.

Stewart: Oh, Most of the time it’s physical. For example in Australia, when I went out into the outback as they call it, and at night being in the middle of nowhere, pitch black night and looking up and just seeing UFOs going by like it was an airport. They would stop and come forward and go around I mean it was not aircraft that we know of. These were UFOs and if you thought about something it would just flash as if they were responding to you. I have never seen anything like that before. It was like being in a Starwars movie. Just thousands of them flying around without any impediment. Then I wrote about going to this restaurant in the state of Victoria where I actually saw this beings’ eyes turn black right in front of me. All these things I have documented. So yes they are physical experiences and what I do with these physical experiences is I use all these techniques that I was trained with in Montauk to go further and find out what is behind them, so its a combination of both. I don’t know if I answered your question.

Sahaj: You did.

Jonas: I was thinking, .When someone says they were mind controlled or involved in these projects which are the ways to spot or to prove that this has happened to these people. Is there such a way? For example do you have any concrete evidence, to prove that you were under a mind control program?

Stewart: Yes there are ways to get physical evidence. For example I wrote about my experience in Alaska and Argentina with a certain “agent”. When I returned back to the United States I had an x-ray taken and I had what the doctors called an “artifact” in what would be below my ribcage, that was on x-ray. They asked me when I had surgery and i said i never had surgery you can see I have no scar and the doctors were very angry that I refused to tell them how I got this “artifact”. In addition many of my clients are in the medical professions, surgeons, therapists that work in hospitals and such.. I was told by one particular surgeon in a major hospital in the United States, that when a patient dies usually an autopsy is peformed and very often during the autopsy they will find implants in the bodies. It is known by the hospital administration that these are to be removed from the body, placed in a container, stored and rounded up and sent to a government agency for whatever purpose they have. So yes there is physical evidence of the implants that are found in autopsies in hospitals. Myself as a person who sees energy fields I can see in a person energy that is related to programming. The techniques of the deprogramming that the individual can do for themselves will prove to them that the programming is in them. I don’t like to tell a person that you have this and this, and this, I prefer that they do the work for themselves and they see for themselves. Otherwise they say well I told them that and I put in their head that they are programmed. I don’t want that, I want them to find out themselves and fix themselves. So yes the proof is there, the energy is there and anyone who doesn’t squirm will see this.

Jonas: In Sweden there is a guy called Robert Naeslund who was implanted.

Stewart: Well Sweden is one of the countries which is very much used for mind control purposes, especially the Uppsala university. That is a major centre for programming. It is connected to both Tavistock in Britain as well as to Fort Detrick in Maryland where the NSA headquarters are.. Yes there are a lot of connections there The Swedish prime minister.Olof Palme was murdered by a programmed person who was sent to fulfil an assassination program. We are seeing a lot of programs being activated now in what is considered to be “end of times programming” that we are living in now, diseases, and wars and famines and all the things that are in the book of revelations. The book of revelations is a script written by the illuminati for this time period you see, so they are fulfilling their own script. That’s what we are seeing. All these contrived diseases illnesses etc that are part of the anti-programming and activating, assassins, vigilante, stalker, monarch ritual everything that you can think of that I’ve written about in my book and put in my DVD we are now seeing activated, even coming to the news at some point.

Jonas: In Hollywood many movies and TV shows have a lot of reptilian images. The Visitors, Star trek etc…

Stewart: Yes in fact that’s particularly true of children’s cartoons, children’s programs have a lot of alien reptilian characters in there, which we have seen now even in commercials in the United States where people go into the bosses office and the boss is reptilian etc. We see more and more blatant representations of the reptilians in many media forms. In fact interestingly enough on this trip that I just went on I believe it was in a church in either Riga or Tallinn. A person from my group took a photograph on a church wall and then after analysing the picture there were angels and that kind of things. In the middle was a pond with a reptilian coming out of it and on the side of the pond was another reptilian, right in the mural on the church wall so these are things which have always been embedded and unless you really know about what you are looking at you don’t realise what you are seeing but subconsciously its triggering you and imprinting you. Now we are seeing it everywhere in all media.

Jonas: In Oslo there is the Viglund park with statues of reptilian entities possessing humans.

Stewart: I have been to that park in Oslo and I have seen that, but also on the money of Switzerland, the Swiss franc, there are aliens right on the currency. I have it at home, looks like greys with big black eyes right there on the currency no explanation given. On the back of the American dollar the pyramid with the All Seeing Eye. Why is that on the American money? That is a Sumerian Egyptian illuminati symbol you see. So its all there its all around us all of the time but most people don’t pay attention because people are designed to have blindness. They only know what’s in front of them, they don’t want to know what is around them and why. That is unfortunately what modern society has become.

Sahaj: I saw a guy who folded the ten dollar bill in such a way that you can see the twin towers

Stewart: Everything they do its symbolic. I mean these are brilliant people the illuminati, How they put these symbols out there. It’s absolutely incredible.

Sahaj: What do you know about how the press is controlled, the media?

Stewart: Oh its very interesting I wrote about this many times. Its funny you know CNN monitors my site, my website and very often, maybe couple of times a month I will get a question from a reporter from Turner broadcasting at CNN and I know who it is and this person works in special assignments and what the person will say in Q&A .This person will write in and a certain event will happen in the world and they will say what do you think about such and such.. I know already its part of the CNN project and so I use that as an opportunity to state my information for them but I find it very curious that the CNN would be monitoring my site. But to go back to your question which I don’t know if I’m answering in the proper way. The media is not as we are told to be. Completely controlled in every way. For example, recently i met a Canadian lady who came with me on my group to Egypt and the Mediterranean last January. Her brother is a reporter for a major Canadian television station in Toronto. They were doing a story at Christmas about how people have no money to buy anything at Christmas and how Christmas was going to be very bad for the economy. So they sent him out to do this report. He went to the biggest mall in Toronto and he interviewed maybe 50 or 60 people and not one person said they are having a bad year, they all said I’m spending more than ever. They found one person who said he was having difficulty and that is the person on the report, the other 50 or 60 are not on the news. So you are told look everyone is having problems because of the one person they found. They also sent him out to do a report about that the city of Toronto has no money to plough the snow anymore so they waited for a snow storm and they went out to make a big deal about How Toronto was not cleaning the streets. So yes the media is controlled and if he were to come back and say I could not find it they would get rid of him. Remember the story a few years ago of Patty Chung?. she was a very well known reporter. She was doing a report on the skull and bones society at Yale University and I remember watching the commercials ‘Patty chung exposes the skull and crossbones’ two weeks advertising. So that night it was 8pm, I put on CNN. No patty Chung no report, never saw her again ever. Where is she? She is gone. Yes the media is very controlled.

Sahaj: You have probably heard the stories about the Mohammed drawings causing havoc in Denmark

Stewart: Yes, oh yes

Sahaj: It was almost one year later after the drawings were made the scandal happened. How is it happening that the Muslim world is reacting with a one year delay on some drawings in a far away country?

Stewart: You see they set it up to be used when necessary. “See how terrible the Muslims are, what are they upset about his week, they have no sense of humour”. That’s what they do infact. You know it happens all the time. Just like this Air France issue that happened the day of the crash. There is no way that they know already it was a speed sensor yet that’s what they are reporting. They didn’t even find the whole plane yet so how do they know what happened? Yet the media is reporting that the Air France pilots will not fly until it’s changed. Well either they know something they are not telling you or it’s a story about some manipulation, you see. So no there is no free media anywhere.

Sahaj: But the internet has created a possibility for the alternative media

Stewart: Yes, But that’s very precarious because at anytime they can turn it off. You know sometimes I do a radio show and I’m talking about something and then it goes off the air, that happened recently in London. I don’t know if you heard that show I did a few weeks ago, maybe 3 weeks ago in London. We were talking about the illuminati, and the show went off the air.

Sahaj: I didn’t hear that about you but I heard similar stuff on the Alex Jones show. He was complaining about it live on his own radio program. How they were trying to shut off his websites and infiltrate it with viruses and do anything.

Stewart: Yes they do that to me as well. A lot of blockages and sometimes they want to scare you into thinking something is happening. So they will do something that will make you think you are under attack just to scare you into stopping. They are very good at that you know. And they also will go after, because they know I don’t care if they kill me or not, I don’t care but they will go after someone that you care about so that you are worried about that person, not yourself. That’s how they operate.

Sahaj: When you read newspapers sometimes you get the feeling that the stories reported are pre-ordered. The conclusions reached are decided long before the actual reporting..

Stewart: Absolutely and that’s why you can pick up any newspaper from any country and the story is the same, same headline, same story. In fact I remember when I worked in Hollywood the producers told me that they are told every year what type of movie to make, what the information should be and how to present it. Then they can write the script based on that, otherwise they don’t make the film. That’s what I was told there. I was also told by someone sent to my house in Los Angeles, they came to my house and they said you will never make a Montauk movie, ever! And I haven’t (laughs). We filmed the “Montauk unveiled”, but could not finish it. No way to finish the project, its blocked.

Sahaj: Why?

Stewart: Because they took the funds away, there is no money to finish it and I cannot get the funds. The movie is made already, its good too. In fact David Ickes´s wife was watching the filming of it . They won’t let the Montauk movies out. when you try to get something out you have to operate in ways that maybe are a little sideways to get it out instead of mainstream. But I do see a trend more somewhat to getting the information out. David Icke sees it more than I do; I think he’s maybe a bit more optimistic of it than I am. When I go and I see people out there, they are just in their own world they don’t care about anything or what’s going on. They care about only what’s personal to them. They don’t care who’s running Iran who’s executing this one, they don’t care. They just care about the price of petrol, their work and food. That’s what they care about and yes those are important things but there is a bigger picture which they do not want you to look at, they are afraid. You know the illuminati call it the “hoodwink”. They deceive you and by the time you realise it its too late, its over.

Jonas: So what we are basically facing is nothing less than a systematic global psychological warfare operation on the human population by these reptilians.

Stewart: Absolutely. You know I distinguish between the reptilians and the illuminati because they are really two different groups. The reptilians being reptilians and the illuminati as being hybrids, as we all are, but they are more close to that middle ground. And so the illuminati goal is to create an empire on this planet to take over from the Draco reptilian empire and become masters of that . So the original, the pure blood reptilians are not happy with the illuminati either. This is an issue. Everybody fights against everybody else.When you go to the EU where all the countries are supposedly under one roof, but everybody hates everybody else. So it’s all fake, so it’s all imposed. You know the Germans hate the French and the Norwegians hate the Swedish and the Russians hate everybody. So it’s just a ridiculous situation. And yet everybody’s the same.In Every country I go everybody has the same goal, the same desire, the same feeling, it’s all the same. So why should there be such antagonism between countries, I don’t understand it. It’s wrong, until that stops then we will never have peace. It has stop.

Jonas: We kind of had it coming.

Stewart: Yes we made ourselves victims by doing that. We opened ourselves up for control. Its like bad children. You put them in a room and they are fighting so someone has to come in and stop them and you say you do this and you do this. Its like human beings are bad little children and they keep getting smacked around and punished. That’s what’s happening, We have to grow up.

Sahaj: Maybe we should ask you about the hollow earth. Now you can buy tourist trips to Antarctica to see that.

Stewart: Well there is a lot going on in Antarctica now. You cannot even find now a modern map of Antarctica; even on the internet they only have the old maps. Because several years ago NATO and the US government said that there was actually a press conference in Brussels. They said there a satellite had found an electro magnetic anomaly under the ice on the Russian part of Antarctica that they considered to be a threat to national security. Then during the news conference the woman who was speaking was abruptly escorted off the stage and an American government military person said that there will be no more information on this subject and there has not been. The Russians abandoned the base and you know remember the last few years all these scientists were getting diseases and illness and had to airlifted out to escape from Antarctica. There is something going on there. The temperIature went up 65degrees. You see there is no global warming; the ice shelf melted from Antarctica has not been global warming. I’s from volcanic activity that’s heating up under that specific area.It’s only in the western coastline of Antarctica. The rest of Antarctica is reporting colder temperatures than ever before, thicker snow and ice than ever before recorded. Snowing in Buenos Aires, snowing in Santiago. Snow in Dubai, yes it snowed in Dubai. That’s never been heard of before, that is not global warming that’s the opposite.

Jonas:To backtrack again, can you describe the so-called rituals that happened in the Montauk project and which are still happening all over the world involving these reptilians, sacrifices and dark stuff like that.

Sahaj: Yes in fact I write about these rituals in ‘13 cubed’ and ‘ the true reality of sexuality’. I must tell you that a sexual ritual was an ancient form of creating or manifesting energy. The sexual energy is the primary force of creation and unfortunately the illuminati has taken that energy and changed it into something that is very purposeful and manipulative for their agenda. So what they do is they take human beings and sometimes non humans beings and put them into a ritual where sexual energy is developed as a formula and I must tell you that it has nothing to do with actual sexual desire or sexual activity. It has to do with using the human body as an instrument or device and connecting these devices together in certain sequences so that a result can be achieved that can then be imposed for whatever purpose they have in mind. So people must take out of their ideas and their concepts of sexual ritual that really the sexual part is just the energetic part. It has nothing to do with pornography or actual desire of the individuals involved, that must be understood. It is simply a formula of using human beings and bodies. There are many different kinds of rituals, lets say for example if they wanted to target a native american for a particular agenda or manipulation they would use in a ritual a person or group of people that have that genetics which can be activated to sexual energy, downloaded and transmitted artificially to a specific area or even to a group of people. They use sometimes just one or two individuals or sometimes many individuals all at one time, they put them in positions for example 5 pointed star, 6 pointed star, they use animal skins, bones, whatever is necessary to create a volume of energy with a particular intensity to achieve the goal. There are many, many different kinds of sexual rituals and I would tell people who are interested to read ‘The true reality of sexuality’. In there I put a variety of rituals that they can look at to see what its like. There have been movies for example “Eyes wide shut” that involve rituals like this. In my opinion one of the most programmed type of movie ever was called “Mulholland drive”. I would caution people not to watch that because it can trigger very easily those who have this kind of programming which many people do

Jonas: What do you think motivated David lynch for making such a movie? Is it that obvious that he meant to trigger mind control programming?

Stewart: Yes these movies are made like this absolutely with the design for triggering. Most movies and TV shows that are made now are made with the design for triggering a particular type of function or concept

Jonas: Is is that common? Wow.

Stewart: It’s across the board 100 percent. You know the Hollywood has nothing to do with talent anymore. It has to do with programming icons. When you see them, hear them or read about them it triggers whatever you have of that programming that the certain icon have that you have also triggered. For example when Britney spears shaved her head thousands of people across the world shaved their heads, they had no reason to do that except that they were triggered by her. They emulated their icon for whatever.she did they would do. Michael Jackson is another one. He’s one of the most programmed individuals on the earth; you don’t know if he’s black or white, if he’s human or alien, if he’s male or female, he’s completely an enigma. Nobody knows who or what he is, he doesn’t even know who or what he is. He is probably one of the most programmed people on the earth plus he’s also a programming failure, meaning so overloaded he can longer function, he’s overloaded.

Jonas: There is a woman called Cathy `O` Brien who has written a book about her life as a mind controlled sex slave at the “presidental level” who was rescued by a man named Mark Phillips. What is your opinion on this case

Stewart: Yes that is a monarch sex slave and there are many different levels of sex slaves, you could be a presidential model which means that you deal with the elite of the world or you can be a common one, you just go into the societ.y and most people are not aware of what you are doing. They go up to an alter and the original personality has no memory of each other and this is what we call a masked memory overlap where you think you may have gone shopping when in fact you went and had been programmed to do something else, but in your mind you had every memory of when you went shopping. It is only through the deprogramming process that people understand this didn’t happen. I had once a client for example. She’s a doctor, had a memory of her high school years and she kept a diary where she went to a party. She knew a person in the party and everything that happened she wrote in her diary. I went through the process years later to help her deprogram. She wrote in her diary about this party she went to and everything that happened but then she realised that something was odd about how she wrote it. She was fortunate enough to still be in contact with the girl who held the party so she contacted that girl and said do you remember that party and spoke to such and such. The other girl said I never had a party like that. So here we have this person, a medical doctor having this masked memory of a party that never existed. That’s the kind of thing the monarchs go thru.

Jonas: Not a pleasant life?

Stewart: Well you know it depends on the masked memory that they put in you. But to not be aware of who or what you are and what you are doing is not a pleasant situation especially when you become aware of it. But the hope is that you can deprogram it and you can gain back everything that you lost.

Jonas: What have you been doing after the Montauk project. Done healing work and deprogramming work? Can you put it in a nutshell, what are you doing nowadays

Stewart: That’s an interesting question because I started out doing alternative healing mind pattern analysis, dream analysis and colour therapy. That’s what I really wanted to do and i still do that but in the last few years a lot of people have come to me with programming problems and I have had to go more into the deprogramming aspects of my work which is not what I really like to do. I like to do the healing and colour therapy but unfortunately almost 90 of the people coming to me now have programming issues and need help with the deprogramming, I’m trying to train other people to do this work so I don’t have to spend my time doing it But its very hard to find people to do this work.Its very hard to find people willing to commit to that kind of study and work and to actually do it.

Jonas: What is your perception of god?

Stewart: I use the term Godmind instead of just god because when people think of god they think of some old man on a throne throwing fire spears at the earth and punishing people. Godmind, all of existence is one mind. That’s all it is. All of us, no matter who we are what we are, we are of the same mind. Each individual is a part of that Godmind experiencing itself to know who and what it is. Imagine being the only thing that exists there was nothing else but you, imagine that, what would you do? You would be very lonely but thinking “what am I?” And once you start thinking about it you create a mirror image and we refer to this as Christ consciousness. You can call it whatever you like, if you live in a religious manner. There really is no religion. To me religion is only mind control because it creates a reflection of itself. What it recreates has the same attributes and characteristics because it only came from one source. So this is what we all are, we are reflections and mirrors of the original Godmind, all aspects of it each attempting to understand who and what we are so that the Godmind can know who it is. That’s what existence is all about. Self discovery and expansion of that.

Jonas: What is evil?

Stewart: To say something is evil and to say something is good is to judge it. The only thing that can judge anything is the Godmind. We cannot because we don’t have the whole picture. But someone which we call evil is still part of the Godmind. Nothing can exist outside the Godmind You see it all traces back to that. Even in the bible it says that Satan only has the power which God has given him so it comes from the Godmind really. The so-called evil is the personification of the thoughts we have to experience.. You know in order to know the unconditional we need to know the conditional so that we can compare the opposites involved. Once we start getting into the lower energies and the physical reality things become polarised and there’s opposites so what we call good and what we call evil are really the opposite sides of the same thing. Its all from Godmind. From another perspective what you think is good, I might think as bad, what you think of as comfortable I might think of as uncomfortable. It’s a matter of perspective and the individual mind pattern of how we perceive reality but in fact no matter which reality we perceive there is only one actuality and that is the Godmind. Even in this very room we each experience something different. You Might be cold I might be warm; I might think this is comfortable you might think not, yet it’s the same room. We experience the same thing in different ways but the energy behind is the same and that’s the Godmind that’s behind it. So to me its a matter of the filters that perceive and that is really what we are projecting out from our own mind. Think of a thought as the film, the brain is the projector, the physical reality is the screen and if you don’t like the movie then you have to change the film which is the way you think, it´s as simple as that.

Jonas: I under the assumption that Luciferian and satanic philosophies often speak about the freedom of will to create your experiences. But they are still subject to karma and consequences so you could say it is a dangerous and destructive half truth if a philosophy gives excuses to commit atrocities.

Stewart: But I want you to look at something else. Whatever you have experienced you have created, those who have done this are playing a role which you have given them. So if you did not have victimisation you could not experience evil. If you have unconditional love in your mind all the time you could not experience anything negative. So even though there exists so called evil , it is the people who experience it who are creating it. So we must change the reflection. We must change what we project out in order to stop that experience. Its a matter of choice and sometimes a person may need to experience something harsh in order to understand what they are doing to themselves. No matter who is out there, no matter what the activity is those involved are creating it themselves.The Godmind allows for freewill if you want to hurt yourself then go ahead then you will have to learn not to do it anymore. There is really no such thing as divine intervention. The Godmind is neutral. It allows all things because it knows that it is all that exists so it is only experiencing itself and so are we, in whatever way we choose.

Jonas: Its as simple as that

Stewart: Creation is simple, people complicate it. Yes if you hear about a child being raped or a person being brutally killed, it’s not a pleasant thing and the difficult thing for most people is to say why did that person create that experience? How could a child create that? We are born with that mind pattern, this isn’t the only lifetime. We have infinite lifetimes. This is what the child needed to create for himself. No one stopped him and said you don’t want to see it, but it was necessary for that child. Whether we understand or like it or not that’s what was necessary.

Jonas: that’s a pretty empowering thought

Stewart: Also we must realise that there are infinite realities and every thought is experiencing every reality so you must be very careful what you think. You see someone says I wonder if I could just kill that person and in some reality you will, some alternate self in some existence will take that thought and act on it. You must draw an x on that thought that and replace it with something which is not destructive.

Jonas: You mean we exist simultaneusly in alternative realities?

Stewart: Absolutely we exist in all realities at all times it’s a matter of where we are focused you see. Just like now in this very moment its tomorrow in eastern Asia, its early morning in North America yet it’s the same moment; two different time periods many different times at the same moment. So extrapolate that into creation and you have simultaneous existence, alternate realties all at the same moment, but there is only the eternal now there is no past no future, just now and what we experience in it.

Stewart: (smiles) I think I am being called.

Jonas&Sahaj: Yes, thank you very much for your time.

Stewart: No thank you for your interest in our work.