It hasn’t been a week since I returned from dōTERRA Convention Australia/NZ 2017 and I’m still processing everything that I learnt and observed, as well as figuring out ways to incorporate it into my life.

That’s the biggest issue I have learnt to consider from my times fasting with Janet Swerdlow via her private blog at  We all learn from participating, but it’s what you do afterwards that really determines whether you’re moving forward in life or just having experiences for the sake of seeming proactive.

I learnt about why I was drawn to dōTERRA and that has been written up on my website and you can read about that here:

I’ve always had what I call an internal ‘bullshit-ometer’ and my work with Expansions has taught me how it is that I know truth from lie. There was an incredible amount of truth being shared at the convention and that’s why it’s taking me time to process it all.

I learnt about the company and it’s founders. Three of them spoke at the Convention and they are all grounded, genuine, family oriented and open with sharing their knowledge and experiences. It was mind boggling for me, but heartwarming as I knew it was truth.

I am now completely dedicated to dōTERRA as they verified information about other companies (without naming them) that I already knew from my own experiments and with my chemical sensitivity. I now also understand exactly why dōTERRA oils are so pure and potent. I had been resistant to science being used with essential oils, but now I understand how science can work with nature.

New and exciting developments were shared and they won’t be released publicly until dōTERRA have gone through all of the required procedures. However, I’ve already been able to utilise this information to assist clients positively.

I learnt that no matter how ordinary you think you are, every one has a story to share. We’re either all ordinary or all extraordinary. I know I’m extraordinary, which means you are too!

The best thing about being a part of this awesome company is I’m now proud to be a part of it. Expansions are another group I’m proud to be a part of and they have enabled me to connect to wonderful people world wide! Well, dōTERRA are enabling me to broaden these connections. I love helping people and discussing natural solutions, no matter where you are!

I met two lovely women while I was at the airport and I was able to share with them some oils to assist with various challenges. This was the highlight of my time away!

Tell me, do you think you’re ordinary or extraordinary? Why?

Do you look for or use natural solutions to assist you with life’s challenges?

Have you found people who support you in your life?

What sparks your passion and excitement?

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