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Part 2

The soul-personality itself is always the same as it came forth out of the God-Mind. It does not change, but it bends and twists itself so that different aspects of itself combine. These combinations then move out into different realities for experience. Think of a piece of “silly putty. “ It is always the same lump, but you can bend and twist it to create different expressions of itself.

In this way, the soul-personality studies itself. Because it is a microcosm of the macrocosm, this is simply a replication of the way that God-Mind bends and twists Itself so that It can study Itself.

To study itself, the soul-personality creates specific “themes” for every lifeline in simultaneous existence. These themes imprint upon the mind-pattern, or frequency. This is completed via a constant replication of certain behavior and emotions. Using the silly putty as an example, you can stamp it one time to see a specific shape. But, the more, or harder, you stamp it, the deeper the imprint. Eventually, after continual stamping, the silly putty takes on the form of the stamp.

This is the same with the energy that comprises the soul-personality. On some level, it chooses to be continually “stamped” until it is in a specific shape that allows it to be a magnet for specific experiences. When the soul-personality has learned everything that it can, both positive and negative, it is ready to release the imprint and be imprinted with something new and different. Because it takes time to create an imprint, the soul-personality does not want to release the imprint before it has experienced the totality of the imprint. (cont’d)