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Part 3

Imprinting takes place in many forms. For example, some males are imprinted by their parents that “pink is a color that only girls wear.” If this is your imprint, you are not going to wear pink, even if you really would like to wear this color. If you decide to wear pink anyway, then you must get through your self-talk that tells you this is not quite correct. The imposed imprinting says not to wear pink, so you must re-imprint yourself.

On a deeper level, if every time you went to a parent for emotional or physical comfort when you were a small child you were not comforted, your imprint is to find that person who will comfort you. You may continue to set up situations with people who do not comfort you, and you feel like you are hitting your head against a wall. But, you will keep trying because that child within who was never comforted still wants to be comforted, and he/she still needs to have that need fulfilled.

The child within will set up the same parental situation over and over again until it finally gets the comfort that he/she desires. However, instead of parents, the child within will use whatever surrogates that he/she can find. This can be friends, neighbors, co-workers, partners, anyone with a body. The child within lives in his/her own world, continually looking for the person who will comfort him/her. (cont’d)