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Part 4

Stepping back into an even deeper level, recognize that this is not the only lifeline where you experience lack of emotional and/or physical comfort. As you work through this lifeline, take yourself back even further in your memories. What was your imprinting at the moment of conception that drew you to these circumstances? Close your eyes and look behind you to see what propelled you into these birth circumstances?

Then, look behind that, and behind that, and behind that. What was the Original Imprinting of the soul-personality when it came out of the Oversoul level? What was the Original Imprinting when the soul-personality came out of the God-Mind level and into the Oversoul level?

Why did the soul-personality choose the particular genetics of the body that it expresses through in this reality? What physical attributes are embedded in the genetics that allow it to experience the current imprinting?  What emotional attributes are embedded in the genetics that the soul-personality desires?

When you start looking at the “big picture” of the existence of your soul-personality, you begin to have a better understanding of why you are here and what your purpose is. You recognize that you are not a hapless victim, but a soul-personality that is very much in control of its destiny. Expand your view and gain a perspective of your life that is much more in alignment with the grand soul-personality that expresses through you in this lifeline. Understanding multidimensional imprinting is a big key to which you already have access. Use it to explore who and what you are. As with all things, it is there for the taking.

The End. .