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Part 1

 As a multidimensional being, imprinting takes place on many levels. Because of this, you feel and react to it on many levels. The first imprinting takes place in this reality at the moment of conception. At this point, you have already decided what aspects of the soul-personality you want to focus upon.

You have chosen the dimension, the planet, and the country that best fits the frequency of this particular aspect of your soul-personality. From there you choose the environment, the parents, and even the siblings, if any. You even choose the friends and sometimes spouse/partner that best fits your frequency. It is the strength of your mind-pattern that makes all of these arrangements, pulling to you all that most closely reflects who and what you choose to focus upon in this reality.

The mind-pattern is a frequency that might be compared to a magnet. As the frequency emits from the soul-personality, its pull automatically pulls “like” materials to it. This means dimension, planet, country, environment, parents, siblings, friends, spouse/partner, etc., right on down to the food that the physical body eats to the clothes that it wears. (cont’d)