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We always have interesting information that you can use to enrich and elevate your life!  Our newest edition is my favorite pick-me-up treat and the company has given YOU an EXCLUSIVE 10% Discount  simply because you are an EXPANSIONS.COM READER:

 SUNCUPS!  EXCLUSIVE 10% Discount for Expansions.com READERS 

Janet says: ” Like Peanut Butter Cups but BETTER!  Yes, these are in our “Health Partners” section because these are as good as it gets when it comes to Healthy Treats! Low carb, organic, nut free, gluten free. I love all of them but the favorite in my household is the Dark Chocolate Suncups! Try some of each and let us know which ones are YOUR favorite….that is, IF you can decide!”


Dark Chocolate Suncups ( with Sunbutter  filling from sunflower seeds)

Milk Chocolate Suncups  (with Sunbutter filling  from sunflower seeds)

Dark Chocolate Mint Cups

Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups


Milk Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate Bar



Note: Suncups only ships to the Continental US.

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