Hi all! Happy 2017. It is my great pleasure to be writing on this blog here for the first time! And, as we are now at a new beginning… a ‘1 year’ then for me I feel it important to start with what I feel are the foundations for personal and spiritual growth which is so important when we are imprinting our new beginnings for the year. As you know our foundations must be good before we build on anything. This puts us in the most correct and beneficial place for us to ‘start’.

Most important to begin is to understand and embrace that we are all spiritual beings first and foremost, which for me means that we are 100% comprised of energy and all is because of energy without exceptions and it is ‘Mind’ that directs all. Following on we recognise that we are all equally connected to that one source of mind and energy which is what we are working with when making any and all changes within our lives. Understanding that we are energy on all levels we then recognise that for true change, integration and healing to occur we must work equally on all of these levels…body, mind and soul. One affects the other interchangeably. For reflection, which one of these areas is most requiring of your attention for you right now beginning 2017? If one or more are out of balance the others will be affected accordingly, but always keeping in mind that our mind-patterns are where it all starts and it is to this source where the changes need to be ultimately made for our health and well-being.

Then for us to build our lives in the most positive and beneficial way we need to recognise that ultimately no-one can heal us or give our growth to us, that we must learn to heal and grow ourselves! When this happens personal growth becomes YOURS, healing and learning becomes YOURS and ultimately your personal victories become YOURS and not because of someone or something outside of you, but through you and from your source. This will only build and strengthen you and imprints the mind-patterns that ‘I am responsible for my life’ ‘I am o.k as is” and “I am capable’ and so on. This provides a powerful and positive momentum for your life and future, taking you into your highest and best potential. Otherwise if we continue to carry around the idea that ‘so and so healed me’, or ‘so and so is going to save me out of this’ and so on…then who owns and directs you and your future, in this case certainly not you!

Unfortunately, most if not all of our mental health systems are largely based on this type of ‘rescuing’ behaviour which on the surface may look like love, but it most certainly is not! This is why there have been practically no improvements in this area and in fact most problems have grown larger.

However, there is a place for a clear and skilled helper as we all get stuck from time to time, we just need to ensure and check-in with ourselves that our focus is in the right place when doing this. In other words is our focus “So and so can help me go deeper on my own journey with the tools they share ’ or is it “So and so is going to give me the answers and tell me what I should do”. In this example one is empowerment and the other is wanting to be rescued, which is definitely disempowering and ultimately destructive . But, in the right context a skilled helper can be a powerful and supportive ally to walk alongside us and provide tools, a positive boost, support and reflect our best potential which can help accelerate our movement into our highest potential in relationship with our soul and source.

I know some have said that we are moving from the ‘Age of Pisces’ into the ‘Age of Aquarius’… this never had much meaning or truth for me. Instead I much prefer the idea that we are moving from the ‘Age of Victimisation’ and into the ‘Age of Self-Responsibility’! How does that sound? I don’t know about you but for me that feels much more empowering to start 2017 where I know wholly and solely that it is up to me and all of us together in relationship with our source on what future we wish to bring about, and I know that for us to be living our purpose then self-responsibility must be the cornerstone.  Additionally, doing our best to get in touch with and release our victim imprinting and mind-patterns in all it’s facets becomes all so important in this endeavour. We will be exploring these ideas and more in future blogs, so keep an eye out for the next instalment. In the meantime all the best for building or re-building your foundations for the start of 2017 whatever they may be!

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