I have been adding some new items to the Zazzle.com store “Modern Expansions”.  I have been creating items that I think are unique and wonderful all featuring Expansions archetypes!  These are a great visual aid, and a way to get the frequency into your environment and share it with others.  I’m waiting on the new White Winged Lion mouse pad to be back in stock and be available in the store.

Keep watching on the Facebook page for the Zazzle store https://www.facebook.com/Modern-Expansions-Zazzle-Store-145798529501309/

OR on the Love Money and Purpose Facebook page for the newest updates


If there are any items that you would like to see created then let me know!  Coming up soon is Cyber Monday, after Black Friday when there are huge discounts for online shopping so that is really a perfect time to get some of these new items for a really good price!

I’m waiting for an order now to showcase more of the items and so Stewart can model some of the clothing for you 🙂

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