Did you know that there are 2 types of ginger essential oil?

I didn’t until dōTERRA released their fresh ginger essential oil. It was expensive and for a while I was reluctant to purchase it. That was until I discovered that they both have different properties and I learnt that if I prescribed the incorrect one for a client, then it could lead to problems.

This had me researching and I’ve been rather alarmed to discover that many ginger essential oils being sold don’t say whether they’re from the dried or fresh root. Further to my research, I found that dried ginger is the most common variety available. A couple of companies I looked into who didn’t specify whether their product was fresh or dry, actually sell dried as it’s cheaper. For this reason I do advise doing research before buying ginger essential oil. What exactly do you want it for? And if you decide you want fresh ginger oil, then be prepared for a higher price. I know you can find it cheaply and it takes a discerning nose and taste to tell the difference. That cheap bottle of fresh ginger oil is likely to be supplemented with dried ginger oil or synthetics.

If you’re wanting ginger essential oil for cooking, and this is what I largely use mine for, I can tell you that dried ginger essential oil is sweeter and more subtle in taste. Fresh ginger essential oil is a richer taste and can be a bit strong if you use too much. I love it though! I make some quick and easy ginger cookies using a hefty dose of fresh ginger oil and a few drops of cinnamon. Oh my, they are delicious! I have posted this recipe on my Facebook page EmotionOils by Narelle.

Dry ginger clears toxins in the body caused by half digested, un-metabolised food sitting in the gut. It increases the heat in your stomach by stimulating the digestive enzymes enabling better absorption of your food. For those with a hot constitution (I tend to call these people hot bods and no, that has nothing to do with appearances) dry ginger essential oil can aggravate your already hot bod 😉

From a Chinese medicine perspective, dried ginger root is used to treat depleted Yang and it alleviates cold in the body, which can cause stagnation. It also warms the body’s organs, meridians and circulatory system.

Fresh ginger increases peripheral circulation and causes vasodilation and sweating, which helps dispel pathogens. It’s good for many kinds of nausea including post-operative, travel sickness, in pregnancy use ginger with caution and in low doses. Fresh ginger is also good as a hot tea to help relieve menstrual cramps. It’s also useful for the common cold.

Both ginger essential oils can be used topically for muscular aches and pains, arthritis, sprains and joint pain. For respiratory disorders ginger essential oil can be diffused or used as a steam inhalation by placing just a couple of drops into 2 cups of hot water and putting your face over it, close your eyes! breathe the steam in for about 3-5mins. This can be done about 3 times each day.

I’ve also used fresh ginger essential oil when I’ve had depression with astounding results. I know that this oil changed my brain chemistry. I can feel oils travelling through my body and what they do along the way. In this instance I was depressed one moment and feeling fine the next. This enabled me to get on with my life and as such the depression has not returned. If it does I can tell you the first thing I’ll be doing is direct inhaling that fresh ginger oil straight from the bottle!

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