Part 2

When a child is continually pushed into traumatic situations, the child retreats inside at increasingly deeper levels until he/she actually compartmentalizes a part of the personality.  This effectively isolates and shields various aspects of the personality from emotional harm.

Through a natural process of self-preservation, the child develops “alters” that he/she calls upon to deal with life on an as-needed basis. This suppression may enhance another aspect of the personality that can more effectively deal with the outer world, such as an anger or hostile subpersonality/alter. An adult faced with severe trauma may also react by compartmentalizing the self in the same way with the same results.

Think of the personality as a self-contained plastic bubble filled with gel.  When one side is pushed down, or suppressed, the other side expands because the gel has to go somewhere.  The self- altering, literally, rearranges the personality so that it can survive. Without this self-rearrangement, the only other choice would be for the bubble to burst, metaphorically speaking. Literally, the soul-personality would vacate the physical body.

This is a natural form of self-compartmentalization as the soulpersonality begins to explore itself in this lifeline.  This illusion of division within self is a natural reflection of the illusion perpetuated by God-Mind that within physical reality everything is separate. As a reflection of the macrocosm, the child creates the illusion within him/herself that he/she is separate from him/herself.

In True Reality, there is no separation in God-Mind. In True Reality, the child cannot separate from him/herself, just as the macrocosm cannot separate from Itself. (Cont’d)