Part 3

The consequence of this illusion of separation means that as the child develops more conscious tools to deal with life, the alters are not used and become forgotten. They stay  tucked away deep inside the child without opportunity to grow and evolve along with the rest of the soul-personality.  These alters are not “reintegrated” into the system, but are merely left behind and overshadowed.

Like all things that are suppressed, these alters may occasionally pop out on their own. This is why sometimes you are doing really great with your personal work when suddenly, you find yourself self-sabotaging and reacting with such emotions as stubbornness, willfulness, anger, resistance, fear, etc.  You may wish that you could get through these walls, but you simply cannot. This is because the walls actually exist.  You built them long ago in a time now forgotten to your conscious mind.

Or, you may speak to someone thinking that you are in total agreement, or reach a great understanding, only to find later that this was not the case.  You may have spoken to a subpersonality of that person who in the sense of illusion, is separated from him/ herself.

This is also why you may need to repeatedly explain a certain concept or viewpoint to someone, or you find this happening on occasion with yourself. Each alter within, and there may be a myriad of them, are literally having the conversation for the first time. (Cont’d)