Part 4

 Until you reach all involved subpersonalities/alters and either bring them into agreement, or integrate them into the system, you will find these discrepancies of understanding. This is why it is a good idea to always speak to someone on the Oversoul level first. Remember that you only speak to your own Oversoul, and it is your Oversoul who does the rest of the work.

This way, your Oversoul is able to reach all subpersonalities/alters that are involved in the situation. When you realize that you also may have subpersonalities conversing with others’ subpersonalities, you understand the more intricate levels of communication.   You may both be flip/flopping around. You may not really know who is speaking to whom.

To reintegrate the system, it is important that all the “splits” from your childhood years, or from adult trauma, merge back into the main personality.  All alters suppressed deep inside must have a voice and be allowed to speak. This will tell you where the imprinting occurred so that you can effectively integrate them.  By doing this on the Oversoul level, you give these parts of yourself a voice.

No longer suppressed, alters can finally say and/or do on the Oversoul level that which they had no power to do many years before. This brings growth and awareness to the rest of the “system” so that it can successfully reintegrate. Use the merger symbol below at the pineal gland to help with successful integration.  Subpersonalities are also discussed in detail in my book, Decoding Your Life.

You have worlds hidden within worlds of your soul-personality, all a reflection of the activity within God-Mind. The trauma that is experienced in the outer world is a tool  used for self-exploration. Challenging lessons that push you into the core of who and what you are. Are you up to the challenge? (Cont’d)