Part 5

Everyone is targeted for mass programming, but it is estimated that approximately one to two million people, or ½% of the total US population, are specifically targeted due to genetic/DNA heritage. If you are part of this target population, then it is especially important that you work on merging your subpersonalities/alters with the “main system.”

For those of you who have received specific individual programming, extreme trauma is purposefully induced to enhance the natural ability of the soul-personality to compartmentalize. With severe trauma that is inescapable, a child or adult, goes continually deeper and deeper inside until a compartmentalization, or “split,” occurs.

These compartmentalizations are carefully orchestrated and guided with drugs, hypnosis, mantras, words, lights, pictures, sound, and implants to achieve the programmer/controller/handler’s goal. The subpersonality/alter is taught to rely on the controller rather than on the soul-personality from which it is split. The physical brain is altered so that the neuro-network is purposefully distorted. This keeps the alters from finding their way to the surface, or to each other. In this way, the natural ability of the mind to compartmentalize is used to create definite alters for specific purposes. (Cont’d)