Part 6  

These programming experiences are “piggy-backed” upon natural behaviors, inclinations, and existing environments.  If, for instance, there was/is discord in the home the target’s natural feelings of confusion and low-self worth might purposefully be enhanced by the controller.

Messages from angels, aliens, ascended masters, and/or guides may be overlays of the controller’s messages, often referred to as “masked memories.” Missing time, or periods in your life that you simply cannot remember, are often symptoms of specific programming.

A memory of sexual abuse by a parent might actually be covering sexual abuse perpetrated by a programmer/controller/handler.

What you think may be an out-of-body experience brought on by being “spiritual” may be the result of being forced out through sound, drugs, trauma, etc.

Thinking that you are having a “spiritual experience,” you may even help the experience along by moving into it rather than working to stop it.

Without conscious memories of these experiences, suppressed memories, experiences, and feelings rise to the surface, often resulting in behavior that without explanation may appear irrational.  People with obsessive-compulsive behaviors are often highly programmed.

Feelings of extreme low self-worth and selfesteem may be enhanced through these suppressed memories, as may be depression and any suicidal tendencies. Unexplained nighttime vomiting may be the body’s way of expelling programming drugs, or as with bulimia, trying to vomit out emotional pain and trauma. Promiscuity, or the suppression of natural sexual expression, may be the result of programming. Gender identity and sexual orientation issues are often a result as well. (Cont’d)