Part 7  

Whatever happens, or happened, during programming, a part of you knows, and knows well. Being separate is only an illusion. “Not knowing” is an illusion.  Using the merger symbol, you can begin to reintegrate these parts into the main personality.

With the programming continually rising to, or pushing upon, the surface, and alters flip/flopping around, it is difficult to progress in any area of your life. Natural mind-patterns of self-sabotage have been enhanced. It may be difficult to live a “normal” life with “normal” relationships and careers. With enhanced self-sabotage routines hidden within yourself, you may continually set yourself up for failure without ever understanding the depth of all that affects you.

Because these programs/memories/alters are hidden so deep and well, it is important to assimilate all conscious mind-patterns so that you can find and integrate the deeper ones hidden away. Start with today, cleaning out the conscious mind of all that is no longer necessary.  Then, as a natural process, the memories hidden in your subconscious mind will start surfacing from the multi-layers and levels below. This must be done in a way that can be integrated, understood, and emotionally handled. (Cont’d)