Part 8

 Taking notes is important, as this will later help you go back and put the pieces together. In the beginning, you might not be aware of any patterns.  But as the notes grow, patterns begin to emerge. Even if you begin with a phrase here, or a shadowy memory there, this is still a release of information.  This tiny release starts the pattern, allowing more and more information to rise up. Soon the trickle begins to grow as more information has an outlet.

Keep in mind that all experience is energy comprised of color, shape, form, consistency, and weight. The suppressed information is energy that is compressed into the soul-personality. Removing anything begins the act of decompression, providing an “escape valve” so that the energy now has a way of releasing itself.

Just like opening up anything that is under pressure, it must be opened gradually, or it will blow up.  You do not want to be a kettle that explodes, so proceed with caution, slowly and gently.

It is important to begin to understand your programming so that you can begin to control it rather than it control you. If you continually start something positive and worthwhile only to end it with a self-sabotage routine, you can begin to recognize what you are doing, how and why you are doing it, and you can finally get to the imprint that creates this.

You take control of your life, rather than some suppressed subpersonality/alter controlling you from its hiding place within. (Cont’d)