Part 9

When you are specifically targeted, keep in mind that the programmer knows you better than you know yourself. Inside and out, strengths and weaknesses. Strengths may be hidden or “countered” while weaknesses used against you for control.

Remember, all mind-control/programming is only an enhancement of what already exists within you. If someone outside of yourself has molded, shaped, and compartmentalized you further into the illusion of separation, you can mold, shape, and reintegrate yourself back into your True Form.

If you can do this in a proactive way, there is less chance that it will pop out on its own and surprise you, putting you into the reactive mode.

No “deprogramming” process is easy, whether it is from general mind-control or if you are/were a specific target.

However, the soul-personality obviously has deep lessons to learn, and it is important to understand the underlying themes of knowledge woven into these intricate experiences. As a microcosm of the macrocosm, self-exploration is ultimately Oversoul/God-Mind exploration. END.