Consultations this Morning & “Hyperspace Intro” this afternoon, 3-6pm!

There are still a few seats left for the workshop.
Contact Patricia or pay at the door.  

META Center
214 West, 29th St, 16th Floor, New York, New York 10001

Wait list for consultations tomorrow, Sunday, June 8th.
Contact Patricia: 269-519-8036.

Stewart A Swerdlow Presents:

– Saturday, June 7th: 3pm – 6pm

Join Stewart TODAY for an Introduction to Hyperspace Basics
In this “Hyperspace Intro” Workshop Stewart will touch upon a variety of subjects to give you a taste of the power of your own mind when properly directed.
You will learn:
What is Hyperspace & how it differs from the Astral Realm

Basic Hyperspace Archetypes

Exercises & Visualizations:
•    Chakra Spinning
•    T-Bar Balancing
•    Breathing
•    Self-Integration/Brown Merger
•    Ultimate Protection Technique
•    Releasing Techniques
•    Oversoul Work

Start Building YOURSELF a Stronger Foundation TODAY!
Cost: $125