I have been monitoring all of the global news services for almost the past 3 weeks with regards to the Malaysian Airlines Flight # 370 missing in the Indian Ocean. I have read every possible scenario on conventional as well as alternative sites. I have even received emails from various people around the world giving me info on what this psychic or that secret military person said. Some make sense, most do not.

Today I read that satellite info now reveals over 100 pieces of “something” bobbing about the Southern Indian Ocean 1500 km off the coast of Perth, Western Australia. Ships and planes will zoom into this region, nearly the size of Alaska to get a closer look and recover the debris, if that is what it is.

News media have blamed terrorism, pilot suicide, mechanical failure, alien abduction, black holes, hijacking and even lithium batteries that exploded in the cargo bay. Pick a possibility, it has been suggested and “proven” by “experts” on CNN, FOX and AOL. The military and governments of many nations provided a search area that stretched from Kazakhstan to nearly Antarctica! Geez! Really?

From what I have learned from various sources and I have stated on my latest podcast, is that the plane was flown, possibly remote controlled, to the military island of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, controlled by the UK. The US also uses this installation to transport terrorists and other captives to various prisons around the world.

Why? Apparently there were many Chinese engineers/ scientists on board who had sensitive info regarding China’s plan to attack the US, EU and others. By flying the plane to either 43,000 or 45,000 feet, the passengers and crew would be knocked out. Then they descended to avoid radar detection. A very carefully planned plot.

Now, they have built up suspense on the media these past few weeks to confuse the public who will believe all they are told. It was a great job they did on the media to divert attention, create doubt and confusion, so that when the solution is given, everyone will be satisfied. Case closed. All dead. Everyone go home and back to your lives.

Now, The US, China and UK knew from the day the plane disappeared what happened. That is why China is so upset and belligerent towards the Malaysian government, which has been displayed to the world as being secretive, incompetent and oppressive. The Chinese want proof. I don’t blame them.

People, pieces of a heavy aircraft do not float for nearly 3 weeks in turbulent waves, constant wind and storms in deep waters. Not possible. Not even seat cushions or toothbrushes would stay afloat in those waters more than a few days. Whatever is found, has been carefully planted.

In the 1980s, President Reagan made a speech that claimed that the entire Earth was now ringed with satellites, so that NO place on the planet was remote any longer. Every little bit was monitored and in communication. That was stated 30 years ago. By now, it is even more so observed. The major governments KNEW what happened, WHEN it happened!

So, where are the rest of the passengers? Only those involved with this scam know that. Perhaps they were killed and their bodies will be suddenly found in the Indian Ocean–also impossible to be true in those waters. Why did the Malaysian PM state that the plane crashed and all were dead, WITHOUT any evidence? Without even a napkin from that plane found? Because he was told to say that. He looked like he did not believe his own words.

This is being called the greatest aviation mystery of all time. I can hardly wait for the “official” cover story to be announced on CNN. Well, now we need more controls and restrictions. Now pilots in cockpits must be on film for all flights. Who knows what else.

In addition, all other news during this period has been pushed aside. There is still a lot going on in Ukraine. Two people were killed in the world’s largest naval base in Virginia–no names given on media or any reason. Constant quakes are now occurring off the West Coast of California and in Oklahoma. We are still frozen and snow-covered in the Midwest. Israel is preparing to attack Iran. Turkey is attacking Syria. These are all hardly mentioned.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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