“Hidden Histories & Mysteries: Digging Deeper”

How deep can YOU go?
Everything is happening NOW!
Get in on the ground floor so You are prepared for Your Role & Mission in these Volatile Times! This World is Rocking & Rolling and YOU need to know how to Navigate the Waves of Change as well as how to Create a Safe Haven within Your Self! Reveal Your Own  Hidden Histories & Mysteries to allow the outer world to do the same—this is Universal Law in Motion.

You may THINK you are digging deep within,
but Janet & Stewart show you that you have just begun!

In another ground-breaking seminar, Stewart reveals research from his last year of globe-trotting, giving you important information so you can connect the dots to see what the outer world is TRYING to do to you!

With this incredible information, You learn about Your Own Transformative Power Within and how to direct it for the benefit of All. Understand Your Own Role  in the upcoming Global Changes as well as your own purpose and mission in this lifeline…

Why DID you choose to be here at THIS moment to be part of THIS “history in the making”?

Joining us will be two very special guests to share incredible new information on the Bosnian Pyramids and the Ancient History of North America:

Dr. Semir Osmanagic, Discoverer and Principal Investigator of the Bosnian Pyramids & Director of Center for Archaeology at the American University in Bosnia, in preparation for Janet & Stewart’s “Bosnia Health & Healing Spiritual Tour” Summer 2016

Mary Sutherland, Paranormal Researcher, Paranormal Tour Director & Paranormal Author from Burlington, Wisconsin

FASCINATING information that You Cannot Get Anywhere Else!

Get to know and make new friends during our Exclusive Burger Bar Buffet on Sat & Sun! INCLUDED in your Conference Package Price.

Plus receive coupon for  $107 Discount on Expansions “Bosnia Health & Healing Spiritual Tour” Summer 2016

Plus receive coupon for additional 8% Discount For Personal Consultation with Janet or Stewart while in Bosnia.

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We Expect this Conference & Tour to Fill.  First Come, First Served.  Payment Plans Available. Contact Patricia [email protected]

Conference Package Includes:

  • Welcome Packet & Gift
  • Exclusive Burger Bar Buffet
  • Discount Coupons for Expansions Products & Services
  • Discount Coupons for “Bosnia Health & Healing Spiritual Tour”
  • All lectures by Janet & Stewart, Dr. Semir Osmanagic & Mary Sutherland.

Early Bird Conference Package Pricing $395 Through June 30

Early Conference Package Pricing $494 July 1 through September 8

Regular Conference Package Pricing $593 Begins September 9



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