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“Fasting  & Detoxification”

Fasting is an ancient methodology of curing almost any health issue.  Janet began studying fasting in her early 20s after a yearlong bout of pneumonia from which she could find no relief.  This was the beginning of a long, 3 year journey which she fasted 1x per week, every week, for 36 hours.  She also completed many fast from 7-10 days long.  Janet was able to clear many of her health issues including but not limited to: pneumonia, sinus infections, colds, eczema, asthma, parasites, and a myriad of other minor health issues.


  • What is fasting
  • Why fasting is a process and must be respected for the deep-cleansing issues it can bring forth
  • How fasting can help you detoxify the mind and body,
  • Why you should consider incorporating fasting into your health routine
  • Myths surrounding fasting
  • Why you need to be careful  when fasting
  • How to be gentle with Self and Body
  • How to fast from negative mind-patterns
  • How to fast from one meal to 3 days or more
  • How to begin and end a fast

Plan your 3-Day Group fast

Submit your fasting plan, whatever it might be, to Janet for her review and to receive her comments.

If you plan on participating in the “3-Day Group Fast” and you are new to fasting this Webinar is required.

Price: $89, member discounts apply

Add: “3-Day Group Fast” Both Webinars for only $161, Member Discounts apply

Once you register, you are invited to send in your questions, comments, and concerns  for Janet and Stewart’s consideration so that your specific questions can be incorporated into the talk they give to the group. The sooner you get your information to them, the easier it will be to incorporate what you need to know into their talk.

Amazing Opportunity that may not come around for a long time….Your Opportunity to ask questions and get your answers!

Register NOW to reserve your space and send in your advance questions and comments.