I like to walk and everywhere I go I see houses being pulled down, digging deep into the earth and building new houses that fill the entire block. The parcels of land around here are a good size. I grew up with a large backyard to run around in, an equally large front yard to run around in, plus a generously sized house. These new houses allow for no garden. Maybe a small manicured piece in the front yard. Children are no longer encouraged to go outside and play. Being an outdoorsy type now means sporty.

I’ve been pulling my frequency back from my property. I spent 9yrs in the country in a house I helped design and watched over as it was being built. It was almost the house of my dreams, but not quite. Nothing’s perfect.

I was angry when I returned here. This house is old and full of fearful memories. The cellular memory that came up when I first moved back shocked me more than once. I spent the year working on delving deep and releasing.

Sorting out my frequencies has enabled me to get into the frequencies of this house. Old is not necessarily tired and invalid. There’s a history in the fabric of this house and land that I’m only just starting to appreciate. There’s wisdom here.

I worked with Dad today, assisting him with a few things that kept us very busy. I learnt much from observing and listening to him. I heard him swearing and while I could see he was swearing at himself, I felt a twinge within. I didn’t accept blame, though I can feel it’s still there. He’s judgemental towards certain members of the family and it brought to mind my own judgment this morning when I realised a young man I was talking to was a private school boy. My judgement was almost missed, but I had made that distinction in my mind and viewed him differently. I also had a look within to see if I felt low self worth. I had gone to both public and private schools and know both sides of that fence.

As I continued to observe and listen to Dad I heard him express such sorrow and bitterness I felt nothing but compassion for him. OverSoul told me to keep my mouth shut and I remained silent and went within to see where I felt such sorrow and bitterness. I’ve been pulling it out all day ever since. hmm… Thyme is good for letting go.

What are your thoughts about old houses?

What about new houses?

Did you grow up with space outdoors to run around?

Do those who grow up with limited space have limited minds?

What does a limited mind mean to you?

Are you aware of the energy of where you live?

How do you feel when you hear someone swearing and judging others?

Do you look to see where you might have that within?

Do you know what bitterness feels like?

What do you do with feelings that come up?


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