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“Oversoul Mastermind Group” ~ OMG 2020 ~

“Oversoul Mastermind Group”

~ OMG 2020 ~

WOW, 2020 – a “4” Year;
A Year of Physical Reality & Manifestations
AND a Year of Transitions!
(4 breaks down to 22)
   What Do You Want to Manifest in Your Reality?
   How will You Transition into this New Reality?
Get the Tools & Support to
 Make the Most of this Frequency!
OMG 2020! – Manifesting SELF!
Self-Value – Self-Worth – Self-Confidence


Are You Ready to Self-Explore at the Highest Levels of Hyperspace and Oversoul,
Delving into the Vastness of the Absolute to Find the Source of ALL?
The Truth of YOU & Your True Purpose?
Join Stewart A. Swerdlow & Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow
In this Ongoing Exploration of the Multiverse & Our Purpose in it.
As a Member of OMG 2020 YOU GET:
  • Janet & Stewart’s Private Email Addresses
  • Ten 90-Minute Group Webinar Training
  • Two In-Person Group Training Location T/B/A
  • Event Discounts
  • In-person, Skype, phone consultations available ONLY to OMG members!
  • 26% Discount on Most Products & Services
  • Private OMG Group Forum
  • Site Membership
  • Immersion in Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools & Techniques


In-person, skype, phone consultations available ONLY to OMG members!
~ All non OMG consults – email only! – Exception is mentoring packages
OMG Price per 30 minutes – $143
OMG Price per 1 hour – $260
* We will not do consults longer than 1 hour – Except for In-Person for Individuals traveling long distances.

PLUS The Opportunity to Be a VIP Expert / Consultant on:

Develop Personal Clients with conversations and consultations
 Includes joint members’ LMP Site, Interactive Blogs & Facebook Fan page
Anchor your nonphysical knowledge into physical reality!
Find out who YOU are by putting what you KNOW into ACTION.


OMG 2020! – Manifesting SELF!

Self-Value – Self-Worth – Self-Confidence

 “Oversoul Mastermind Group 2020” is Truly INVALUABLE !
 Create YOUR Own Opportunity to Learn and Advance YOUR Hyperspace Oversoul Skills For Perfect, Personal Spiritual Support & Guidance at the Highest Levels!
 ~ The More You Interact – The More YOU Get ! ~

Available @ Expansions Shop/books

Watch on Expansions’ Member’s Video Channel:
And watch other videos as they are
available on: Expansions’ Member’s Video Channel
Please Note:
You must apply for acceptance into OMG. Completing the prerequisite work is required, but does not guarantee acceptance.
 The Time to Get Started is NOW!
When you complete the prerequisite work, including attending “HYPERSPACE OVERSOUL EXTRAVAGANZA!” Please contact Patricia for an application for OMG 2020

 OMG 2020! – Manifesting SELF!

Self-Value – Self-Worth – Self-Confidence

 Here’s what some of our members have to say:
“I am Grateful For My Time in OMG!”
“In one word – community. It has been helpful to have people I know and trust who is doing the work to bounce ideas, thoughts and concerns off of.  I learn from other people on the forum through their journeys and it helps propel me forward.  From having others around going through their work is a great mirror for me. I have been able to see my own growth and want to keep going.”
“I have benefited a great deal in participating in OMG, I have learned about myself and why I am the way I am. Self-discovery isn’t always easy, but OMG makes it that part. There is nowhere else were I can participate in the way that I can. This is a place where I can express my most deepest thoughts and get honest feedback. Truly an invaluable experience as the above title has depicted.”
“I continue to take my Hyperspace Work Deeper. I’ve taken my deprogramming to a deeper, yet, bigger picture level. I feel my commitment to OMG, at some level creates an internal responsibility to deepen my deprogramming and share my process/results with others. Being a part of OMG has given me the confidence to come out of the sidelines and consult/coach individuals.