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Part 1

Most people have “parent issues.” This is understandable, considering that these are usually the first people who imprint the conscious mind. Most of what and how you will experience the rest of your life is often determined by the time that you are five years old based upon these imprints.

Most people usually respond to their early years in one of two ways.  The first way is to try to control other people or situations.  As a child, these people felt powerless, or, “out of control.” To correct this imbalance, the suppressed childhood emotions within the adult now assumes “control,” regardless of the consequences to others.

If one parent was particularly bossy and you felt “bossed around” you will in your adult life “boss others around.”

If you felt abandoned, you may abandon those around you.  Now, you are the one doing the bossing and/or abandoning.  This gives a sense of power and control.

This is how negative cycles perpetuate. Whatever was done to you, you can now do to someone else.

The suppressed childhood emotions are now unleashed and expressing.

This part of you is thrilled to now have control. (cont’d)