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Part 2

If you felt powerless as a child, you will find a situation where you feel powerful.

This can often be seen in the workplace, where some supervisors wield their power like swords.

Or, where one employee manipulates one against another—all power plays resultant from people who feel powerless and must at some point work it out so that he/she does have power, even if it is gained by being devious, sneaky, and underhanded.

The difficulty with this type of behavior is that most likely others are hurt in the process.

This is a reflection of the hurt that was done to you, and that you are avoiding.

So, you hurt others over and over again in an attempt to reconcile that hurt with the offending parent.

This particular emotional part of you virtually stopped maturing as a young child.

Since that young child had no choice, it suppressed those feelings.

The child could not consciously do anything but go along with the parental program.

Because it does not have the tools to know any better, that hurt, angry child now feeds the cycle. (cont’d)