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Part 4

Even the time that was spent in utero begins the mind-imprinting process.

If you felt wanted and loved, this is how you at least begin your life.

What happens after that continues your saga.

If your mother was confused, frightened, or perhaps just did not want a baby, this becomes an added emotional trauma that the soul-personality has chosen.

If you were adopted, there are often feelings of abandonment.

Emotionally, you may wonder why your birth mother “did not want you” and infer that this means lack of love.

This may or may not be the case.

After being within the warm safety of the womb for so many months, and then being torn away from it into the arms of strangers creates a major trauma for a tiny newborn.

This may promote a lifetime of abandonment issues, or a person who continually tries to develop a “safe” environment to replicate the one that he/she felt torn from.

This “safe” environment may lead to a lifetime of seclusion, isolation, and even stagnation.  Or, a wanderer who never really feel like he/she belongs anywhere. (cont’d)