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Part 7

First, you need to go back to the age when your soul-personality allowed them to imprint it for this lifeline—usually, by the age of five or under.

Determine the underlying issues that you have with your parent(s), such as physical and/or emotional isolation, abandonment, betrayal, control, feeling powerless, lack of nurturing, etc.

Review your current life situation to determine how you are trying to work these issues out, and with/through whom or what situation.

Once you recognize that you are recreating a part of your childhood, then you can deal with it.

Place the parent figure above your head up into your Oversoul.

Allow the child who consciously did not have the tools to express his/her feelings at the time to yell, scream, kick, hit, punch, or whatever is necessary to remove these leftover emotional feelings from childhood.

Feel the flow of this energy moving up from your auric field, up through the base of your spine and out the top of your head.

Clean the emotions out of your system and give them all to your Oversoul.

As you clean, ask that your Oversoul deliver this message to the parent’s Oversoul, and from there on to the parent.

The parent will get the message in accordance with the wishes of his/her Oversoul.

Whenever any of these types of feelings arise, repeat the exercise.

This removes the mind-imprint from you, gives it to your Oversoul, cleans you up, and does not attack the other person. (cont’d)