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Part 8

As the imprint removes from you, you release the need for the continual “trying” of working it out with someone else.

Now you are working it out with the person with whom you should be working it out—your parent, recognizing that this person is ultimately a reflection of yourself.

As the excess emotions are drained from your auric field, you can ask that your Oversoul relay any information from the parent to you via his/her Oversoul.

Discuss this with the parent in the Oversoul space above your head.

You may learn something.

Now you are in a mind-frame to objectively observe, listen, and learn.

As the emotions and logic (left-brain/right-brain) come into balance, you are finally ready to release your particular lesson back to your Oversoul, from whence it originated.

Now, you can forgive them for their part, and yourself for your part.

As the excess emotions are released from your field, and you become cleaner and clearer, your relationships can elevate themselves into their potential.

This is how you “assimilate” that mind-pattern so you can evolutionize and work on something else. (cont’d)