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Part 9

You will know that you have truly assimilated this mind-pattern when you can be in your parents’ space without judgement, criticism, or emotional reaction—when they can no longer “push your buttons.”

In this way, you rise “through” the energy of this experience instead of residing “in” the energy of the experience.

Now, as an observer, you have an appreciation for what you learned and for the people who took the time to teach you.

You took a lot of time to set this experience up for yourself, so make the most of the opportunity.

If you do not learn what you need, you will continually recreate it until you “get it” and it will manifest and magnify until you are myopically focused and forced into it.

Rather than avoid the parental experience, move in and through it.

You will be glad that you did when you get to the other side, as this will mean another step in the evolutionary process of your soul-personality.