The moment we step into this reality, we are bombarded with information. Conscious and unconscious. We decode it as well as our bodies are able to in order to survive. We have to rely on people to feed us and protect us. And that tiny bit of time when are as most vulnerable, is the time we are getting the deepest imprinting on what this world is about.

Then our childhood takes us on a journey that we now know is false and insidious, we still have to rely on other people to know what is best for us. And when we have reached a certain age, we are supposed to be able to know how to manage, how to “survive”, how to interact with others and to bring more life into this cycle you just have come into.

No matter how good your parents are, how much peace is their to be found on this Planet?

Is it not naive to think that the product of an introduction like the one i described, will produce a human that is peaceful and enlightened?

Most people spend their whole lives crippled from this experience. And as we all have noticed, just because we are peaceful and vibrant, the people around us are most likely not. If we think in concepts of start and finish, then we are bound to fail if we put that analogy to our lives.

It is not about reaching “Nirvana” then everything is done, you made it, now everything is perfect. Maybe the lifetime we are in now, are just a tiny bit of experience in your whole process, a tiny but very crucial part of your journey that has to be experienced. Are we supposed to live in peace, sit back and relax. Or are we here to work on ourselves to grow stronger and wiser. If we accept that as “life”, then we have a chance to understand our purpose. If we accept all the hardships and pain as motivators to overcome, then we end up with purpose.

Of course, happiness can be part of this life, why can’t you be in a happy, positive, struggle to expand yourself. I have always seen tragedy as sort of beautiful, the process is, not necessarily the emotions it provokes. The symphony of events that we call life has a perfection to its synchronicity that are so beautiful, they are perfect. The story are writing itself and we are all part of it. We can chose to participate or not. If life does not make you humble, then you are lost. And i think it is from understanding that we are all in this struggle together that will bring peace to this planet. A common purpose to make us realize that we are all one part of God.