Most people don’t realize how powerful they really are. To know the magnificents of your soul, the vastness of your mind.  There are countless unusual stories of people who had pitfalls and overcame them.

For me…I have so many to count…

Being stranded in Dubai for 9 months, graduating high school at age 21, being a couch bum after that for 2 years, working for a company that had beyond shady business practices. On top of all of those things, having self loathing to now loving myself. Years of being a couch bum, day after day I remember just laying there thinking to myself I will never become nothing….soon enough you attract people into your inner world that re-enforce that internal self-talk, to further keep you in that hole of self-pity.

One day I woke up and decided I don’t want to live like that, I don’t want to punish myself I’ve learned to change that…I’ve learned to rebuild my internal self-talk. To boost my being, because if we think it, it exists somewhere, so I follow it to resolution, just to say “ahhh, I dont want to do it anymore”…and start over again…. Then yet again have another urge to finally have the resolve to see it through till completion.

How many of you followed something, just to take another turn down the road.

Have you started something just to stop it?

How many felt weak on inside, lazy even?

I would love to here all your thoughts, of your own personal journey to greatness.



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