Are you tired of being ‘tired of it all’? Do you need more hope and energy? Are you ready to truly take responsibility for your own life? And ‘take the bull by the horns’?

Well…you CAN!

Why not go on a ‘crusade’ against your fear, suppressed anger, and trauma…much like many famed warriors or knights of old – with one group’s famous battle motto being ‘Seize the day!’ 1099 Daily Affirmations can help you reprogram your Universe – our Universe – to live a new Truth, your highest blessing to share with all.

Why not realize that YOU, too, can ‘seize the day’, and confirm what famous ’60s psychotherapist Abraham Maslow always said – that the greatest fear of many of us is not our “failure” since, after all, that’s the ‘easy way out’ — it is to actualize our truly highest, sublime self. It is the heights we’re all mostly afraid of, not the depths! Who needs Harry Potter, et al, when the real ‘magic’ is within YOU?

Take charge today, and ‘seize the day’ — every day – to build YOUR new vision, and free your highest Self. Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow’s groundbreaking 1099 Daily Affirmations can help you do this now, one precious step, at a time.

Don’t delay reclaiming your inner power, beauty and strength today – YOUR highest self has long been waiting to emerge.

Your future is NOW!


Read Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow’s NEW Masterpiece – the 1,099 Daily Affirmationsbook is an invaluable resource that you can use every day to help redirect, refocus, and recreate a rewarding and soul-fulfilling life. You will easily release:

Dead weight
Behavior patterns that bring the same old experiences…

And instead you will GAIN EVERYTHING your heart desires and MORE!

  • RECOGNIZE the magnificence of your own being
  • UNDERSTAND your personal power
  • UTILIZE your mental strength
  • CREATE mind-patterns that UPLIFT and REWARD you

Just as God-Mind is limitless, so are your opportunities to experience the BEST of this reality. There is plenty of everything for everyone, and that includes YOU.

Price: $35

If you would like to purchase this KINDLE book please follow this link:

“Thanks to Janet for helping and empowering myself and others. I did what she said about improving sales and her advice really worked!”
Edward Giunta, Salesman Connecticut“Janet’s daily affirmations are positively motivating in a world that is designed to be the exact opposite. Her daily affirmations help me reflect on whatever is going on in my life at the moment. She has the fantastic ability to give so much in a few short sentences.”Leann Laing,United Kingdom“Janet Swerdlow’s affirmations are the most mind-pattern changing words I have used in my daily spiritual work”.
Thaahum, Songwriter lyricist,
Keneteph Entertainment, Arizona“Janet is phenomenal. I am inspired daily by her affirmations and her wonderful contributions to our planet! Her affirmations help you explore deeper layers of yourself. Everyone needs this book!”
Andrew Laing, Owner


4 reviews for 1,099 Daily Affirmations

  1. Terrance Morgan

    Wooooww, this book has become one of my daily rituals. It touches every subject you can think of and then some. I recommend everyone should keep this book close them at all times to counter all your negative thinking. I gave my sister a book and she is constantly thanking me……

  2. Norma

    I love this book. Affirmations are a wonderful tool to help to change your perspective and create the life you want. There are affirmations for just about every issue or challenge that you may have. I have given this to friends as gifts too.

  3. Elaine J S

    I just got this book 1099 Affirmations recently. Its a very nice book for anyone that is working on any goals or a better life. It’s a book that could also suit coaches, teachers etc. It could be a coffee table book too.

    I like that Janet gives some explanation for each topic and then then affirmations. It’s the type of book you can pick up, flip open a page and read that.

  4. Anna

    Personally, I really like the composition of this book. The book is divided into topics. I can easily choose which topic and area I want to work with.
    Each subject has a seven-day period of affirmations, where I work through the subject.

    Very useful book. It is easy to work with the affirmations, and achieve changes in the area.

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1,099 Daily Affirmations

(4 customer reviews)


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