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13-Cubed Squared (Slightly Damaged)


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We are in a Major Spiritual Battle for the Minds and Souls of Humanity!
The time has come when all programming must be eliminated from this planet. Part of the deprogramming process is to expose what lies buried and triggered
within. The first step in a long journey is to admit that you are on it.
As a sequel to Stewart’s explosive “13-Cubed “ book, “13-Cubed Squared” contains Case Studies of 13  brave, fearless men and women  who have stepped forward to anonymously share their painful and often hidden experiences to you help your Self.   Stewart has also shared a summary of his own Montauk Programming.
Not only do these Case Studies evoke many harsh emotions, they also allow for hope and conclusions to negative experiences.  You most likely will recognize your Self and others you know, remembering that we all mirror each other.
We are all One from the Same Source.
This extraordinary volume of work is especially crucial given that artificially installed End Times Programming is concurrently operating with a Spiritual End Times Programming. Use this information to help deepen your understanding of how all of this pertains to each Being in Creation.
Here’s to a World and Universe that is Truly Free
 Filled with Unconditional Love!

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