Alpine Clear 2020

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 Summer 2020 costs still being finalized

Euros can be purchased at most airports. Exchange rate approximations can be viewed at
 Please note all prices in EUROS to be paid in person in Italy. 
All food locally sourced!
 Approximate Costs:
Trattoria Piani Prarostino / Residence La Grengia:
~ 710 Euros, 7 nights lodging, 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 2 picnic lunches
Other meals: ~100 Euros (approximately, depending upon your choice of food)
Activities: ~50 Euros (Museums, Ski lift, Fenestrelle)
Transportation: ~ 620 Euros
Tour Fee: ~ 1070 Euros

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2 reviews for “Alpine Clear”

  1. Norma

    I’ve done this trip 3 times now. I love those the mountains with the fresh air, amazing water and food. I never want to leave, because I feel more ‘at home’ there than anywhere else. To be amongst like-minded others, exploring Waldensian history is food food for my Soul.

  2. Maria

    Since I returned from the tour, I’m feeling nourished multidimensionally: physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. I had a wonderful time with Expansions and the participants of the trip, a lovely international group of curious, friendly and open-minded people.
    This journey has an enormous impact on my personal development. I have literally cleared my path for further accomplishments by taking a time out from the mundane things and retreating to the fascinating Waldensian country that breathes with abundance, peace, and quietness. The hospitality of the local people was beyond any comprehension, and I’m missing big time together with the crystal-clear water, delicious food, and nature. I know myself a little bit better now and will look forward to repeating the tour as soon as the opportunity presents itself. All of the above combined with lectures, hikes, deep inner work, and fantastic conversations makes this tour a diamond for truth seekers.

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“Alpine Clear”

(2 customer reviews)


Don’t miss out, make a non-refundable Deposit of $530

 Summer 2020 costs still being finalized

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