“Addicted to Addictions”

3 Day Seminar Video Recording

View for 1 Month – $350


Get Hooked on Health Instead!
Expansions Spring 2015 Healing Seminar

What are YOUR Addictions?

Anger? Frustration? Abandonment? Substance Abuse?
Sex? Ill Health? Animal-Mind? Negativity?

What is the payoff YOU get from YOUR Addictions?

Wouldn’t you like to turn this around to become Addicted to Health & Healing?

Every Spring Janet & Stewart bring forward exactly what YOU need to “SPRING FORWARD” into your life in the healthiest, happiest way that allows you to

All year long, 365 days Janet & Stewart spend their time researching the most direct metaphysical route that you need to take to unleash:

YOUR Personal Power & Potential!

Truly, when YOU reach into the ETERNAL NOW,



Get the information you NEED

In the midst of outer turbulence
Create an Easier Life Flow

Remain Healthy & Happy
as you open the pathway for others to follow your example

Get Rid of your Negative Addictions!
Get Hooked on Health Instead!


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Addicted to Addictions Conference Pay-Per-View


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