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Blue Blood, True Blood




Internationally acclaimed author and lecturer, Stewart A. Swerdlow, discusses the true history of this galaxy, solar system, and the planet Earth as well as how the Illuminati began their plans for society and the Earth.

To give you a sample of this explosive book, here is a sneak-peek of the beginning:

“As far as the history of this planet is concerned, you can consider that everything you ever learned is a complete lie. All history and science books are rewritten to accommodate the agenda of the controllers of this planet… Disinformation is rampant everywhere.”

Listed below are some of the things you will learn in Blue Blood True Blood:

• The true origin of humankind – it is NOT what you think.

• Why the Bible states, “Let us make man in our image.”

• How did the Illuminati begin their plans for society and planet Earth?

• The one thing you need to understand about Reptilians.

• Who and what is God?

• Does God judge you, interfere or change anything that is already created?

• The big difference between Aliens and Extraterrestrials.

• Which secret areas are closely guarded by governments and NWO elite forces – and why.

• Who are the Blue Bloods?

• Who are the Khazars?

• What is the purpose of the Crystal Skull and why is it so powerful?

• What was the first religion on Earth?

• Why is religion the most powerful tool for mind-control?

• Who was Jesus Christ really?

• Who altered the New Testament and why?

• The truth about Mary Magdalene.

• The real history behind the founding of the United States of America.

• Who are the 13 ruling Illuminati families?

• What you need to know about blood ritual and ceremony and how it has been used throughout history.

• Why Stewart A. Swerdlow was chosen as a boy to join the Secret Government.

Stretch your intellectual boundaries with Stewart’s stunning revelations of hidden history and its future implications.

A must-read, fascinating account that will change your belief system forever!

Stewart A. Swerdlow is a gifted mentalist, medical intuitive, and clairvoyant who has the ability to see auric fields, personal archetypes, DNA sequences, and read mind-patterns. His great-uncle Yakov Sverdlov, was the first president of the Soviet Union, lending yet another intriguing angle to his story, first told in Montauk: The Alien Connection.

If you would like to purchase this KINDLE book please follow this link: Swerdlow &rh=n:133140011,k:Janet Swerdlow


 Chapter 1 - Lyrean Descent & The Creation Of The Draconians

There are countless stories in a Milky Way of 100 billion+ stars, in a universe of 10 billion+ galaxies. This is one of them. GALACTIC HISTORY unites 3 of the most provocative pioneers in their prospective fields:

- Story and narration by Stewart Swerdlow, formally of the infamous secret government program, the Montauk Project, an off-shoot of the Philadelphia Experiment.

- World renowned artist James Mathers, whose work is in the private collections of luminaries like Nicolas Cage, Billy Zane, Eric Idle and Marina Guinness.

- Music by Memories From The Future, the latest project from musician, producer, and motion picture sound designer Herwig Maurer who’s previous work includes films such as Apocalypto, The Passion of the Christ, and bands such as Mankind Liberation Front, Hypernova and New World Revolution.

7 reviews for Blue Blood, True Blood

  1. Norma

    This information certainly shattered my belief system but Stewart explains how to make sense of it. Who knew that our history has been kept from us? Thank you, Stewart, for sharing this important knowledge with the world.

  2. Narelle

    This is the book that changed my life. From the first page, I could not put it down. I cried reading it because I knew I had finally found someone who understood me.

  3. gypsy

    Thank you both. I re-read this book often and like Micayla this was the first of the books from Expansions that I read. Initially it was difficult to understand, that events like this were happening and the world was so different to how it appears. It’s better to have an inkling of what’s going on than live without knowledge.

    • Janet Swerdlow

      I agree. If you don’t know what is going on, how can you ever expect REAL change to occur!

  4. Micayla Black

    This was the first book that I had read by Stewart Swerdlow. The book that changed my life forever! Blue Blood, True Blood completely blew the lid off of the box I had been living in, encapsulated in lies and confusion. This is the truth, and you have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going and how to get there.

  5. Michelinda

    This book covers so much territory! Its like 3 books in one. I recommend it for basic reading to anyone who is interested in learning the basics of what Stewart and Janet teach,; Where we came from… who we are, and why we have evolved the way we have…….It is an incredible resource. Thank you both!

  6. WYNDWiCKe3530


  7. remek

    I red that book. This book is ideal for me.
    Ancient aliens made us after many wars because
    we are creation of Hatona peace treaty.
    I know much about them.
    Reptilians are always unwillingly
    and only Atlanteans (Atlants) and Pleyans
    are my favourity space civilisations.
    Now I know from where are Galaxy Federation
    looking like of Federation Planets
    like in Star Wars. An asteroid stroke Tiamat
    like in Star Gate 1 Reptilians like
    Goa’uld System Lords.

    • Janet Swerdlow

      Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. This is our best-seller so far! Looking forward to getting the next book out the beginning of 2014: “True World History: Humanity’s Saga”. 🙂

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