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Coloring Books (Slightly Damaged)


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Help support this young family with 3 lovely young children

32 pages each

High-quality paper

One Set, 3 books

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Janet & Stewart recently met a young family with 3 lovely young children.

The father is a pastor who, along with a friend, created coloring books

that were to be offered for sale at a church convention in June where 100,000 people were expected.

Covid-19 Plannedemic stopped this from happening. Now this family has several thousand coloring books sitting in their small apartment on a university campus where the father is attending school.

To help this family recover their investment and move their inventory, Expansions has purchased some which they are offering to you at a special rate, and for this reason, member discounts do not apply.


For children and adults who love to color!

Crayons, Colored Pencil, Markers

Each package contains:

3 Coloring Books


Parables of Jesus

Birth of Jesus


32 pages each

High-quality paper

One Set, 3 books $17.00

21 sets+ Wholesale pricing

Contact Patricia customer [email protected]

Please Purchase ASAP so Expansions’ can buy more so this family can recoup their investment!

Thank you!

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