The Little Fluffs


Books for children

ONLY $48.50 

The Little Fluffs: Chakras $12.50

The Little Fluffs: Protection $12.50

The Little Fluffs: Archetypes $12.50

The Little fluffs: Auras $12.50



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Combo – Little Fluff Books



1 x The Little Fluffs:Protection

Protection defines in beautifully illustrated pictures and rhyming verse the different visual and mental techniques a child can use to protect himself.

1 x The Little Fluffs:Auras

Auras shows in beautifully-drawn pictures and rhyming verse the qualities and colors of different auras, as well as defining what an aura is and who or what has an aura.

1 x The Little fluffs:Archetypes

Archetypes defines the symbols of Hyperspace communication in beautifully-drawn pictures and rhyming verse that a child can understand.

1 x The Little Fluffs:Chakras

Chakras describes and defines the meaning and color of each chakra in the human body in beautifully-drawn pictures and rhyming verse.


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