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Benefits and uses: There must be a thousand uses for this salve, based upon hundreds of testimonies over the years. Here’s a short-list:

  • Diaper rash (Parents love our Healing Salve, and so do babies!)
  • Skin rashes (Gardeners swear by our Salve’s soothing & quick-acting relief)
  • Poison ivy & oak, hives, etc. (Outdoors people keep our Salve handily packed)
  • Chapped lips, hands,sunburns, minor burns (Quick-acting relief that stays)
  • Minor cuts and bruises and insect bites, even puncture wounds
  • Skin cancer (a number of people have reported reliable relief and healing)
  • Sore and aching muscles

Ingredients: Calendula, Chickweed, Prunella, St. John’s Wort, Yarrow, Comfrey, Lemon balm, Plantain, Usnea/Oak Moss, Bloodroot, Oregon Grape, and Solomon’s Seal, all organically grown or wildcrafted at Cortesia Sanctuary and prepared in a base of extra virgin organic olive oil and organic beeswax. Unscented.

Dosage: Apply directly as needed. Tip: a little goes a long way! It can be applied to clean open wounds. You may desire to lightly cover the salved area for healing reasons and/or to protect clothing, etc from soiling (can wash out!).

1 review for Cortesia Healing Salve

  1. Cody

    This is amazing! I have used it with great success on severe chapped lips, razor burn and cuts, even post surgical wounds. Everyone should have this at home!

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Cortesia Healing Salve

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There must be a thousand uses for this salve, based upon hundreds of testimonies over the years.
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