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Dark to Light Bundle: (4 Book Series)


Dark To Light Book Bundle

Regular $140 Bundle Price $125

This Bundle Includes:

Dark to Light Vol I

Dark to Light Vol II

Miracles in Motion

Light Shines in Darkness

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Dark To Light Vol I

Dark to Light Vol I

Kabbalah, Zohar and Torah

Is it possible that you unknowingly have Hebrew Genetics?

Does exploring these Ancient Codes of Existence intrigue you?

Do you know that—                                                                     

most major religions are based on Kabbalah, Zohar and Torah?

Abraham sent the 6 children he had with his African wife to the eastern part of Asia?

Buddha is a contraction of B’Yehuda meaning in Judah/Judea?

Brahmin becomes Abraham when the Hebrew letter Aleph is added in front of it?

Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and other global languages are closely related to Hebrew?

Stewart and Janet courageously venture deep into territory once only available to Hidden Kabbalists. Even the most Learned Hebrew Scholars were not privy to the information reserved for those considered the Elite amongst the Elite. Kabbalah says that in the End of Days, these precepts must be made available to everyone. Kabbalah, Zohar and Torah build upon Hyperspace/Oversoul tools and techniques, allowing you to apply what you already know to delve into increasingly deeper layers of inner and outer Existence.

Give your life more meaning.

Learn to apply Kabbalah, Zohar and Torah

knowledge and wisdom in your daily life.

Based on Dark to Light Webinars Session 1-6,

(Watch on PPV here, Members View Videos here, Study Guides available here)

Dark To Light Vol II


Dark to Light Vol II

Kabbalah, Zohar and Torah

According to the Zohar, the Five Books of Moses known as the Torah, contain the solution for all problems. Each word has 70 layers of meaning with a Gematria, or numerical value. Some even say that there are 600,000 layers of meaning.  The Torah is the surface,  Kabbalah is the code and  the Zohar is the formula for the understanding and application of  these codes.

The Torah contains all universes within its codes. Hebrew letters are the seeds of Creation, purposefully written in a specific way in the Torah scroll to affect its energy.  Torah stories are all codes that when correctly interpreted are mirrors for what is happening in your life today. Understanding the Torah codes means understanding Self. This means that the Torah is already within you.

You are a Living Torah!

The Zohar also says that parallel universes exist within you at all times; that your Soul travels  to 250,000 different planets for reincarnation and to work on its Tikkun. The more you explore within, the more you understand what a vast resource you already contain. The study of Kabbalah, Zohar and Torah is an exciting addition to your Hyperspace/Oversoul tools and techniques that allow you to explore your inner depths as you open new pathways of knowledge.

We are in the End of Days. You are here for a reason. You are part of the solution.

You are here to change Dark to Light on this planet and beyond!

Fulfilling your function and mission is imperative!

Vol II Based on Dark to Light Webinars Session 7-11,

(Watch on PPV here, Members View Videos here, Study Guides available here

Also be sure to read Dark To Light Vol 1 

Miracles In Motion

Miracles In Motion


This must-read book aids and supplements your “Dark to Light Webinar Series

 learning process and includes the 72 Names of God in White on Royal Blue

 To compliment your purchase & support you studies

Order your Laminated

72 Names of God (here)

Miracles in Motion adds another fascinating layer for you to use to

delve into your Multidimensional Self, putting into practice what was

once only reserved for the High Priests of Ancient Israel.


The Eternal Existence of Your Soul is fascinating!

Kabbalah, Torah and Zohar

are Ancient Codes of Existence

Meant for All of Humanity as Instructions for Living.

Kabbalah Means Receiving

Torah Contains Coded Instructions for Living

Zohar is the Soul of the Torah


Janet simplifies highly complex concepts, explaining these Ancient Codes

of Existence so you can easily blend them into your daily life along

with your Hyperspace/Oversoul tools and techniques.


You are the Most Fascinating Person You Know!

The deeper you go, the more you know this to be true!


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Name Of God Frequencies

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Introduction (11)
Crossing Your Own Reed Sea (13)
AFFIRMATIONS—Courageous Communication (44)
Introduction to the 72 Names of God (49)
Kabbalah (353)
AFFIRMATIONS—Multidimensional Questing (391)
Book of Formation (397)
AFFIRMATIONS—Healing Past Spirituality (465)
AFFIRMATIONS—Creating By Breathing (471)
The 10 Sefirot. (478)
The 10 Sefirot Correlated to Hyperspace (479)
The Ana Beko’ach Prayer (480)
I AM that I AM (482)
What is a Mezuzah? (483)

Light Shines in Darkness


Light Shines in Darkness


Light Shines in Darkness shows you how to expand upon what you are already

doing, seeing, knowing and Being to reach  new levels of Spiritual Empowerment.

  • Learn to resurrect inherent Soul instructions

  • Develop gratitude for  all powerful teachers, both positive and negative

  • Know with Absolute Certainty that you are exactly where you need to be

  • Understand how Dusk and Dawn reflect your own inner shadowy borders

  • Discover how your  Soul has a bit of All of Creation within

  • Find out how to expand during  times of restriction

  • Reveal your hidden power so you can use it wisely

The Brighter You Shine Your Light, the less places Evil has to hide. Be a Shining example for others who are less brave and less sure of Self.

Always, always keep your Light Shining Brightly, regardless of the Darkness. 

Even one small tiny spark provides Light in the darkest room.

Be the Light that Shines in Darkness


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